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Application of chip component production equipment in the production of thin film capacitors

with the trend of miniaturization and portability of electronic products, the demand for chip products is gradually increasing, and the chip of thin film capacitors will also have great development. Among them, 460 million flat film capacitors with wet diaphragm shipments have the advantages of large capacitance, low impedance, small parasitic inductance and low loss. The scope of application is expanding day by day. They have become indispensable and important electronic components not only in military, aerospace and other investment equipment, but also in industrial, household appliances and other consumer equipment

organic thin film capacitors are chip based and meet the requirements of SMT. They encounter problems such as heat shock resistance and small-size process requirements. In recent years, some foreign companies such as Panasonic and Siemens have adopted new processes and equipment to produce a series of chip organic thin film capacitors that can meet the requirements of SMT

according to the data provided in the research on the current situation and development of thin film capacitor market by Beijing Elida information technology company in 2004, the global annual demand for chip thin film capacitors is expected to be 30 billion. With the rapid development of electronic information products and the continuous emergence of some emerging products, the demand for chip thin film capacitors will increase greatly, its living space will be greatly expanded and its development prospect is promising. At present, some domestic thin film capacitor manufacturers have been actively exploring and studying the chip of thin film capacitor

the chip type of domestic thin film capacitors has just started, and breakthroughs are needed in technology, materials and production equipment. For example, a large amount of capital is required for full introduction, and breakthroughs are made in technology and equipment. For example, a large amount of capital is required for full introduction, and the technology and equipment are restricted. At present, in order to maintain their monopoly position and maintain huge profits, foreign enterprises, such as Japan and Italy, which master the main production technology, implement technology blockade at home

Taiyuan Fenghua information equipment Co., Ltd. is an independent legal person company controlled by the second electronic Research Institute of the Ministry of information industry and funded by six shareholders such as Guangdong Fenghua High Tech Co., Ltd. the company has long been committed to the development and production of electronic special watch 3 frost resistance index equipment, especially in the development of chip ceramic components, has accumulated a lot of experience, and has successfully developed a series of production process equipment. Due to the different materials and production processes, the production equipment of thin film capacitor and ceramic capacitor are also different, especially the production processes of the previous process. However, the post process also has some same or similar process links, such as segmentation, strip cutting, sorting, packaging and tape braiding, electrode end sealing, plating and aging, etc. The following is a brief introduction of several equipment, hoping to be a reference in the chip exploration of thin film capacitors

1. Braiding machine series:

the material and structure of thin film capacitor determine that its separation mode is different, and the test parameters are more, but the overall process is similar

as manual feeding equipment, bdj-856 series semi-automatic tape braiding machine can meet the process requirements of small and medium-sized batch production. And it can be used as a transitional equipment in the early development of chip film capacitor. The equipment is designed in full accordance with IEC and EIA standards. The tape braiding and tape reel are standardized. It has good adaptability to the mounter, adapts to a variety of chip components, has low packaging cost and can be installed at high speed

2. End sealing machine:

fdr-0402 end sealing machine is suitable for 0402, 0603 and other chip resistance end sealing. It is a high-precision and semi-automatic equipment. The equipment is composed of two parts: end sealing mechanism and operation console. The end sealing mechanism includes pulp dipping mechanism, soaking sealing mechanism and x-z motion mechanism

the extraction of conductive electrode of chip components is a key process. Generally, there are two methods: dipping and plating. This machine is to dip and solidify the chip components to form an electrode after they form a strip

3. Cutting machine:

qg-110 cutting machine is a semi-automatic cutting machine designed based on the wet printing process of multilayer monolith capacitor. The machine can cut the bar block after printing and drying to form a small particle capacitor blank. It is suitable for precision cutting and reliable operation of capacitors in other occasions

4. The radiation surface and influence of plasma cleaning and etching equipment are gradually expanding

plasma cleaning equipment, as a precision dry cleaning equipment, can be applied to semiconductor development, integrated circuit development, vacuum electronics industry, surface activation of plastics, glass and ceramics, and subsequent cleaning of microcrystalline glass and relay parts. It can also be used in life science experiments

in short, chip film capacitors have the characteristics of high technical content, high added value, good economic benefits and good market prospects. We are willing to assist film manufacturers to jointly develop China's chip film capacitor industry

source: China Vacuum


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