Fashionable and elegant small house type saves mon

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For a long time, many people's understanding of small house types has only stayed on the surface, and they are full of doubts about the residential functions of small house types. However, up to now, small house types are rich and diverse, and their functions are constantly improved. While many small house types improve their utilization rate, cost performance, and living comfort, the standard of healthy housing has also been improved to a certain extent. These changes of small house types, It has attracted great attention of small family buyers, which means that small family products are upgraded and sublimated in the real sense. Choosing a small house type is not a matter of money, but a lifestyle that is convenient, fast, fashionable and elegant

modern simple style

the finishing style of this case is biased towards modern simplicity, which is designed and arranged by the owner and his wife, which is very simple

modern simple style restaurant

the restaurant has only dining tables and chairs. The table has the same structure as the downstairs coffee table. It is made by itself. The style refers to Elvis Presley furniture


advantages: the lights and decorative paintings on the wall of the restaurant are the biggest highlights, enriching the story sense of the space. The lights with unique shapes and colors make people feel that dining here is full of flavor

disadvantages: the dining table in the restaurant is very inappropriate. Like the tea table in the living room, it is a relatively unsuccessful choice, which is not suitable for the overall style, and this kind of table will make people feel cold




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