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With the rapid development of the Internet, communication networks have sprung up rapidly, and everyone can use communication channels to publish and convey information. Weibo and wechat have become the necessary ways for the promotion of door and window enterprises nowadays. In the era of we media, everyone can participate in it, and the common advantage is clear. However, the professional competition of doors and windows is becoming increasingly fierce, and the role of using we media for promotion is not as good as before. The reasons are mainly reflected in the following three aspects:

1. The way of we media promotion is too rigid

from the blog in the early stage to Renren and Weibo in the medium term, and then to wechat in the late stage, in the process of its continuous development, we media's application requests for major companies also continue to derive new development directions. However, in the process of practice, many companies have used this method too mechanically, which makes us media method present many questions in the period of practice. These questions also directly lead to the fact that the communication efficiency of we media is still very strong, but there is a lack of efficiency

2. Neglecting the useful fans in the we media channel

as an industry that does not attach much importance to the door and window industry, but has close contact with consumers at ordinary times, under normal circumstances, consumers will not have much information about products in this category, and the advantage of we media is to fully mobilize the polarity of this part of fans in the case of a huge fan base, Make the process of selling the company's goods an interactive process, and then rely on the advantages of the rapid transmission of Internet information to play the role of brand communication and expanding influence. From this point of view, many door and window enterprises are obviously lagging behind in this area. Most of the door and window enterprises focus on blindly pushing audio messages in the development of we media, but neglect the useful fans in the channels of we media

3. Lack of connection between interactive links and brand promotion

another advantage of we media is that it improves consumers' "hobby points". Now, a small number of door and window enterprises have realized this operating feature of we media, and then interact with consumers more specifically: for example, if you buy door and window goods, scan wechat QR code, and forward relevant activity content, you can receive prizes; There are also door and window brands that have also launched activities in the wechat circle of friends where you can receive cash red envelopes. However, few door and window enterprises can closely connect these interactive links with brand promotion, which also makes the advantages of we media not be used to the greatest extent

although we media has incomparable advantages in the era, how to use we media to achieve outstanding promotion role still requires door and window enterprises to understand market trends, grasp development trends, make corresponding adjustments in time according to market changes, and maximize the accurate use of we media, so as to play the best role of we media




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