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Xinshao aluminum | Xinge 16 minimalist + three track linkage, which is highly sought after by the market

the minimalist style products of Xinshao aluminum are a highlight of the industry. Since the launch of the first extremely narrow side sliding door, Xinshao aluminum has kept improving and constantly innovated products, from the earliest 42 narrow side door to the latest 28, even 16 full hidden frame series, each product has stunned the industry and has been highly praised in performance and appearance

16 the minimalist sliding door is the representative work of Xinshao, which adopts the full hidden frame design and is completely embedded in the door frame when the door leaf is closed; The appearance of the lock is extremely simple, but it does not lose its practical function; Filigree glass, dreamlike and picturesque. Recently, it has further integrated the three track linkage technology into the minimalist series

16 Xinge has many advantages of three track linkage


only push once, all in place, saving time and effort


the opening space is larger than two fans. At least two-thirds of the three tracks and three fans are larger than one-half of the two fans, which is convenient for the entry and exit of large furniture. On some occasions, it feels that the opening space is small when using two doors. If using four rails and four leaves, the single door is narrow again, and it is troublesome to have too many doors, so it is best to use three rails and three leaves at this time


no door collision, push and pull mute. The traditional three leaf and three rail sliding door is easy to produce collision and noise when sliding the door leaf. The three rail linkage can coordinate the position of each door leaf well without collision, so it is silent


it has a wide range of applications and can be used in the partition between study, kitchen, sealed balcony and living room


the door leaves are in good order and more beautiful

at present, a large number of customers have purchased and displayed samples in their own exhibition hall, and the customers' comments are very good

go to Xinshao aluminum to enjoy one-stop purchasing service, which not only provides Xinge profiles, hardware, locks, but also three track linkage accessories. Customers are welcome to place orders

Foshan Xinshao Aluminum Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, with 15000 square meters of standardized plant. Its products include medium and high-grade color aluminum door profiles, aluminum alloy sliding door profiles, bridge broken casement profiles, heavy-duty sliding door profiles, folding door profiles, casement profiles, aluminum alloy sliding window profiles, casement windows profiles, sunshine room profiles, etc. The company is the director unit of Foshan door association and a recognized brand in the spot market of door and window profiles. It is committed to building a large and comprehensive spot supply base of door and window profiles in Foshan




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