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Coincidentally, Chinese style elements have played a big role in the home furnishing industry. The new Chinese design, which collides with the passion of Chinese traditional charm and modern style, has derived countless implicit and introverted simple spaces

there is more than one side of life

from the bold and unrestrained splash landscape to the indulgent tea set

from the oriental traditional bamboo gentleman to the simple wood texture

they are everywhere

, Chinese style elements play their colors in the home furnishing industry

Chinese traditional charm and modern style passion

the new Chinese design collided

has derived countless implicit and introverted simple spaces

house types

project address: Dongfang Chengyuan

Design Center: b-product boutique design center

woodwork design: Tucson Zhenjiang Branch

style: new Chinese

house types: large flat floor <

area: 240 ㎡

living room

simplify and simplify after painting

the color of the living room space is simple and elegant

the design adheres to the classical charm

while adding modern simple elements

although the overall effect is low-key

but the details highlight the grand


vertical and horizontal pattern to create harmony

the whole space uses noble dark brown

the faint fragrance of wood is hidden in the restaurant

mosaic.The perfect integration of wine cabinet and woodwork

shows a low profile Exquisite attitude to life

dining tables and chairs with simple fashion

with refreshing lines

let you enjoy dining time in pleasure


unique shape and spirit

simple flat wood veneer

has modern fashion and elegant oriental beauty

is the most natural original posture to save simplicity

and wardrobe The bay window design combines with each other

matches with the calm and thick brown tone

conveys a simple and natural breath of life

in this noisy era

the new Chinese bedroom

makes you more modest and graceful in your steadiness


separated and continuous overflow of quality

the overall color matching breaks through the traditional elegant

the new Chinese design presented by woodwork

full of oriental charm

simply designed pass Doors

pure latex paint brush white

are the low-key and introverted connection of the whole space

new Chinese toilet

although there is no woodwork ornament

but the texture of stone, mirror and glass

classical and fashionable temperament





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