Cleaning tips of Cohen electric range hood kitchen

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Nowadays, the range hood has entered the kitchens of thousands of households. The range hood is a kitchen appliance that purifies the kitchen environment. But the lampblack machine will produce a lot of dirt after a long time. So, how to clean the lampblack machine? Now let's take a look at the tips of cleaning the range hood

1. Soapy water smearing cleaning method

raw materials required for cleaning: soap, clean water

roll the soap block into a broken state, add a little water to make a paste, and then apply it on the surface of the impeller and other devices before the range hood is used. When the range hood needs cleaning after a period of time, as long as the impeller and other devices are removed and wiped with a rag, the oil stain can be easily removed

2. Detergent vinegar immersion cleaning method

raw materials required for cleaning: detergent, vinegar, warm water

prepare a basin of warm water, then drop 3-5 drops of detergent and 50 ml of vinegar, mix and stir evenly. Remove the impeller of the range hood that has been used for a period of time and is stained with lampblack, soak it in the mixed liquid for about 10-20 minutes, then take it out and scrub it with a clean cloth. The shell and other parts of the range hood can also be cleaned with this solution. This kind of mixed liquid cleaning range hood not only does not damage human skin, but also does not corrode devices. After cleaning, the surface of the range hood will maintain its original luster

3. Steam flushing method of pressure cooker

boil the cold water in the pressure cooker. When there is steam continuously discharged, take the lower limit pressure valve, open the range hood, and align the steam water column with the rotating fan blade. Due to the high hot water steam constantly rushing into the fan blades and other parts, the oily sewage will gradually flow into the oil storage box until there is no oil in the oil box

the relevant knowledge about the tips of cleaning the range hood is briefly introduced to you. The range hood has become an essential kitchen tool in modern families. Regular cleaning of the range hood can greatly prolong the service life of the range hood





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