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At home, the status of the wardrobe used to store clothes should not be underestimated. Le Yicha reminds you that if you want the wardrobe to be as new as new for a long time, you need to clean and maintain it in a certain time in addition to carefully selecting it when shopping

cleaning and maintenance of the wardrobe

when there is dust on the surface of the wardrobe, we need to use soft cloth or a wool duster to remove dust, and do not use corrosive cleaners. If there are stains on the surface, you can use sand wax to wipe it off. Conditional families can use oil wax for maintenance. Never use clean water to wipe. Washing the wardrobe with water will leave moisture in the wardrobe, which is difficult to remove and easy to cause the wardrobe to rot. In addition, try to avoid damaging the ring or scratching the surface of the wardrobe when using it. If the surface of the wardrobe is slightly scratched and bruised, you can use a cloth dipped in the mixture of soot and lemon juice or fried grain oil to wipe it, and then dry it and wax it; If the scratch is deep and the bruise is serious, it needs to be mixed with the same color paint to make up the color

cleaning and maintenance of wardrobe doors

with the popularity of fashionable furniture and customized furniture, the materials of wardrobe doors are becoming more and more different. Therefore, when choosing the cleaning and maintenance of the wardrobe door, we must pay attention to the material of the wardrobe door, "the right medicine can cure the disease"

solid wood door panels: solid wood door panels are generally made of precious hardwood. When cleaning, choose the corresponding professional cleaner. When using detergent, spray it on a clean cotton cloth and wipe it with a cotton cloth. Do not spray it directly on the door panel

artificial door panel: it is a panel made of waste materials generated during wood processing and chemical adhesives. It is waterproof and moisture-proof, so it is OK to wipe it with a semi dry towel when cleaning

glass door panel: the glass door panel is made of transparent glass or ground glass, and the glass door panel will become coarse if it is stained with fiber. In order to better maintain the original color of the glass door panel, it is necessary to use glass water as a cleaning agent and maintain it with newspapers

in addition, in the maintenance of the wardrobe door, we should also pay attention to one detail, and we should also pay attention to the cleaning of the track groove. When cleaning, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a small brush to clean the dust at the bottom

finally, it is also essential to clean and maintain the hardware accessories in the wardrobe. You can use a dry soft cloth to wipe, but you should avoid contact with water, otherwise the hardware will be corroded




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