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The rapid rise of Sany Heavy Industry exploration Guide: in just 8 years, an enterprise with an annual sales revenue of more than 1billion yuan has miraculously grown up on a barren hill with weeds in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone. The eight series of construction machinery products sell well across the country. Among them, concrete pump and pump truck almost occupy half of the national market. Today

in just eight years, an enterprise with an annual sales revenue of more than 1billion yuan has miraculously grown up on a barren hill with overgrown weeds in Changsha Economic and Technological Development Zone. The eight series of construction machinery products sell well in the north and south of the country. Among them, concrete delivery pumps and pump trucks account for almost half of the national market. This year, the sales revenue is expected to exceed 1.7 billion yuan. This is Sany Heavy Industry Co., Ltd

as the "younger generation" of the construction machinery industry, why can Sany Heavy Industry catch up from behind? Chairman Liang Wengen, the helmsman of the company, replied that the dumbbell type enterprise operation mode of "big at both ends and small in the middle" has created a miracle. Dumbbell head: strong R & D capability is a powerful tool to win the market. Sany Heavy Industry has a very different impression from traditional machinery manufacturing enterprises; There are 5 workshops, only 2 processing workshops used as the main body of machinery manufacturing, and there is no trace of sand turning and mold casting workshops; There are only a few employees working in the workshop, but the R & D and marketing office areas are full. The company has 3080 employees, 631 engaged in R & D and marketing, and 1086 front-line employees engaged in manufacturing and assembly; The annual investment in R & D and marketing accounts for 7% and 11% of the sales revenue respectively, while the investment in manufacturing and management accounts for only 7%. Compared with China's construction machinery industry, which has a history of more than 50 years, Sany Heavy Industry is a "latecomer". But latecomers are not always latecomers

in order to gain a piece of cake in the fragrant construction machinery market, or even catch up from behind, Sany Heavy Industry must not spread the parts manufacturing and production stall like traditional machinery manufacturing enterprises, but should make full use of the conditions of socialized mass production and the opportunity of global economic integration, use a large amount of production capacity at home and abroad, clench its fist and build a high-quality R & D and marketing team, Cut into the construction machinery industry from a high starting point. In the production and operation chain of "R & D manufacturing marketing", they tend to focus on two ends, especially the R & D end. How many R & D personnel does Sany have? 293. During the interview, I saw that the R & D personnel were fully seated in the two houses of thousands of square meters. "It is necessary to eliminate all the outstanding talents in the national construction machinery industry." Liang Wengen spoke many times. In fact, this is not "wild talk". 95% of the R & D personnel here have bachelor's degree or above. There are numerous masters and doctors. A large number of elites in the construction machinery industry have gathered under Sany: Yi Xiaoxin energy Gang, the former director of Beijing Institute of automation, a well-known domestic hydraulic expert, entered Sany 8 years ago, conquered a series of problems of concrete pump, and won the reputation of "China's pump king"; Li Bing, a former professor of Chang'an University, joined the company in 1998, and successively developed seven kinds of road rollers, asphalt pavers, asphalt mixers, asphalt transfer vehicles and other series of road construction machinery. The appearance, performance and internal quality of the products have reached the international advanced level, and have won more than 10 national patents... Sany "talent", the more the better. In order to use domestic talents for themselves as much as possible, they have also set up research branches in Chongqing, Shanghai and Beijing to absorb some R & D experts who do not want to leave their hometown for Changsha. The company has also successively invested 100million yuan in running schools in cooperation with national famous universities and colleges, and set up scholarships to provide an endless stream of reserve talents for the development of the company

it goes without saying that the R & D personnel of Sany Heavy Industry have rich salaries and benefits. But only the lure of money can make a career cohesive. Here, all research projects adopt the internal bidding system. As long as the R & D personnel have the ability, they have a stage to show their skills. For example, the development of the asphalt concrete paver was only decided in August 2000. The prototype was offline in April last year, and the product entered the market in June. This year, it has been put into mass production, and 30 products have shown their skills in all parts of the country. At present, the company has become one of the three enterprises that can produce high-grade pavers in China. Domestic and foreign enterprises have developed this equipment for decades, and Sany Heavy Industry has completed it in less than three years. When you enter Sany Heavy Industry, you simply enter the exhibition hall of China's construction machinery. 8 series and nearly 100 specifications of products are ready to go at any time. Users can basically find a full set of construction equipment here

at present, the company has obtained more than 100 national patents. The full hydraulic grader is the first in the world. The full hydraulic bulldozer has filled the gap in China. The large tonnage hydraulic vibratory roller has become a top brand in China. The concrete delivery pump and pump truck have unparalleled advantages in China. At the other end of the dumbbell: the competition of well-known brands on the same stage has essentially evolved into marketing service competition. Wangyubao is a service engineer in Taiyuan Office of "Sany" Xi'an marketing company. It is a year and a half to say goodbye to your wife and children. During the May Day holiday this year, my wife and children went to visit their relatives with great joy. On the night of his arrival, wangyubao was busy at a theater site and did not return home until 2 a.m. Just took off the greasy work clothes and had no time to taste the joy of family reunion, it rang again. It was originally an engineer from the construction and Safety Office of China Railway 12th bureau who said that a concrete pump truck under construction at the construction site of Bank of China was dead or alive and had been stopped for more than 20 minutes. Seven or eight concrete delivery trucks have been waiting there. If they are dragged down, all 70 cubic meters of concrete will be scrapped. Wangyubao quickly picked up a tool and kissed his wife and children goodbye. Less than an hour later, the sound of the motor rang out again at the construction site. This is the service engineer of Sany Heavy Industry. This is the marketing of "Sany Heavy Industry"

how many marketing personnel are there in Sany? 338. With the arrival of the world economic integration, the product technology is gradually converging, and the quality is indistinguishable. The competition between domestic and foreign well-known brands on the same platform has essentially evolved into a competition for services. Someone exclaimed: "selling products is actually selling services." "Sany Heavy Industry" has understood this for a long time, and took the lead in putting forward the new marketing concept of "health care service" in its domestic counterparts. The so-called "health care service", as the name suggests, is not to wait until there is a problem with the product to provide passive service, but to provide an advanced and full service. Before the sale, they provided free training to all mechanical operators throughout the country. They also came up with a comprehensive solution plan in advance for possible problems in the use of equipment. For example, when the gas concentration in the tunnel is high during tunnel construction, they designed explosion-proof concrete Drag Pumps for users; As the tunnel is long and the follow-up construction is difficult, the rail type concrete towing pump is designed for the user to solve the possible problems of the equipment one by one before the incident

"Sany" promises to the customer that once the product is sold, whether it is within the warranty period or not, the after-sales service engineer will inspect the product at least once a month, so as to find out the hidden trouble in time. Once the equipment breaks down, it will be solved immediately, and the spare parts below 200000 yuan will be guaranteed free of charge for life. To this end, the company has sent a large number of after-sales service engineers to take care of 5 to 6 sets of equipment, which is nothing more than reform, opening up and inclusiveness. A construction site, as long as there are more than 5 sets of equipment, has a special after-sales service point; The construction site with more than 30 sets has a spare parts warehouse. At present, 36 parts warehouses all over the country have reserved more than 60million yuan for parts inspection and comparison. The middle of dumbbell: ensure product quality by global procurement and high-quality assembly, concentrate on both R & D and marketing, and only assemble and produce a few key parts in the middle manufacturing link. All other important parts and components are purchased globally, and general parts and components are supplied domestically. Qijian, the vice president of the Research Institute of the company, pointed to a paver and did a good job. The engine is made by DEUTZ company in Germany, the hydraulic components are made by Rexroth company in Germany, the reducer is made by bruvini company in Italy, the track is made by BOCO company in Italy, the bearings are made by inna company and fag company in Germany, the pneumatic box is made by KTR company in Germany, the electric control equipment is made by Siemens company in Germany, the wear-resistant steel plate is made by a company in Sweden, and the chain is made by a company in the United States, A large number of other general parts are produced by domestic enterprises. A paver is simply a big gathering of the products of the world's mechanical and electrical manufacturing enterprises. "Sany Heavy Industry" has product patents, structural parts and first-class assembly quality that others cannot imitate. In order to ensure the quality of domestic supporting parts, "Sany Heavy Industry" has repeatedly selected and determined more than 100 enterprises among thousands of manufacturers nationwide to provide supporting parts. The company has specially sent more than 100 quality assurance personnel to these manufacturers to extend the product quality management to upstream manufacturers

in order to ensure the product assembly quality, the company pays close attention to the quality control of the production process and has passed three quality demonstrations, namely ISO9002, ISO9001 and German TUV; Employees who do not operate in accordance with the rules shall be severely punished. This is a notice issued by the quality assurance department of the company on September 2 in the new product development workshop: "the zm10 of sy200 left platform to be processed by the driller, Mr. Wei, was not processed, and the frame workers of lhu90 left and right platforms were unqualified. After the repair welding and rework, they were transferred to the next process without being submitted for inspection. According to the company's administrative punishment regulations, a notice of criticism was given, and 15 points were deducted." It is reported that after deducting 15 points, not only will 150 yuan of salary be deducted in the current month, but after accumulating a certain number of points, you will leave. In the interview with Sany Heavy Industry, I was deeply attracted by its Chinese name, English name (Sany) and trademark. The Chinese name seems to be a friend of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of Japan, the English name seems to be a sister of Sony of Japan, and the trademark looks like a brother of Mercedes Benz of Germany. Employees of the company said that this design is just an expression of their alignment with these world ace enterprises. Yes, as long as it can develop steadily, who can predict that it will not step into the ranks of multinational corporations one day

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