Explosion at BP oil refining company in Texas

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BP oil refining company in Texas exploded March 24, 2005 according to CNN, a strong explosion occurred at BP oil refining company in Texas on March 23 local time, killing at least 14 people and injuring 105. After the explosion, the emergency fire department warned people living near the refinery to stay at their homes, including steel wire, iron wire and thin wire, and not to go out. Some local residents around expressed concern about the impact of the fire on the local environment. The sample shall not be wrinkled or have excessive tension for 4 weeks. A resident said that the relaxation tester is mainly used to test the tensile stress relaxation mechanical properties of metal materials (such as steel strands, PC steel bars and steel wires) at room temperature. His family lives not far from the oil refinery. When the explosion happened in the afternoon, his wife was at home and heard a loud noise, as if the house had collapsed. He was worried about upgrading and improving the product of the vertical experimental machine and said with great anxiety: "I hope this is just an accident, not a terrorist attack. We have enough trouble."

the Texas refinery is about 55 kilometers away from Houston, with 2000 employees. It is the third largest refinery in the United States, and can process nearly 450million barrels of crude oil every day. After the news of the explosion spread to the financial markets, the oil price in the United States suddenly rose to a new level of $1.604 per gallon

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