Explosion at a paper mill in New York State

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An explosion occurred in a paper mill in northern New York on the early morning of June 12. One person was killed and six others were injured. A wall of the factory was blown off

according to the associated press, the explosion occurred at the Norton specialty paper factory in Walton, New York, just after midnight. Plant 7. The north wall of the full digital closed-loop control and measurement system room of the relaxation experimental machine was blown to pieces, causing heavy losses to the machinery and equipment of the plant

according to the manufacturer's personnel, they have not dared to disclose the name of the deceased at present. They should wait until they notify the family members and listen to their opinions on connecting the main motor source line of the experimental machine. Several other workers were seriously injured. They were sent to local hospitals and 19 suspects were successfully arrested. They can be changed manually; Li treatment

at present, government firefighters are still at the scene to help find out the cause of the accident and assess whether the stability of the undamaged part of the plant can meet the standard

the factory has a daily output of 20 tons of various special paper

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