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Causes of oxygen cylinder explosion and explosion-proof measures

oxygen cylinder is a high-pressure vessel used to store and transport oxygen. The maximum working pressure is 15MPa, and bottled compressed pure oxygen is a strong oxidant. Oxygen cylinders must undergo strict technical inspection before leaving the factory to ensure that the quality meets the packaging integrity of various products on the market. Below the surface of the oxygen cylinder, the application precautions and maintenance details of the fatigue testing machine are described: in the application process and handling process, the finish paint is sky blue and has the words of oxygen written in black paint

① cause of oxygen cylinder explosion

a the material and structure of the cylinder are defective, and the manufacturing quality is not up to the requirements

b during handling and loading, the gas cylinder falls, topples or rolls from a high place, resulting in severe impact

c gas cylinder is directly heated

safe to use

d too fast deflation, resulting in electrostatic sparks or adiabatic compression

e technical inspection shall be carried out on schedule at the end

f combustible gas is mixed in the oxygen cylinder

g the thawing method of oxygen cylinder is improper

h grease is adhered to oxygen cylinder valve, etc

② explosion proof technical measures for oxygen cylinders

a oxygen cylinders must undergo strict technical inspection in accordance with the regulations on cylinder safety supervision before leaving the factory

b when the oxygen cylinder is filled, the external inspection must be carried out first, and then the gas composition in the cylinder must be tested and identified. It is not allowed to fill at will

c during storage, transportation and use, avoid violent vibration and impact of the bottle body

d the oxygen cylinder shall be kept away from high temperature, open fire and molten metal splash, and the safety distance shall be greater than 10m

e anti static spark and adiabatic compression shall be carried out slowly when opening the bottle valve and pressure reducer

f oxygen cylinders cannot be used up completely, and 0.2 0.3MPa residual gas shall be left to keep the cylinder at positive pressure

g do not use oxygen cylinders that exceed the inspection period

data processing after failure

h before the use of oxygen cylinders, it is important to check whether the cylinder valves, connecting pipe threads, pressure reducers, etc. are defective

i do not touch the bottle valve and pressure reducer with greasy tools, gloves or work clothes

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