Three development potentials of the hottest flexib

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According to a research report of the American flexible packaging Association, the development of the flexible packaging market is very bright. Before 2005, the core was surrounded by polyurethane fibers. The three most promising markets in the United States. There are many beneficial conditions for China's extruder industry in terms of foreign trade export. They are

(I) food market: in addition to the general use of flexible packaging for food, the pet food market will also be one of the highlights.? In pursuit of better economic returns, manufacturers tend to choose value-added flexible packaging instead of metal cans; Ultrasonic detection of defects of concrete polyurethane waterproof coating gb19250 (2) 003 technical specification CECS 21:2000

(II) pharmaceuticals: technically, blister packaging is not included in the soft packaging project, but the top aluminum foil or adhesive layer belongs to the scope of soft packaging. However, blister packaging is developing rapidly, especially in surgical equipment. Compared with hard packaging, soft packaging is more standardized and cost rationalized

(III) fresh agricultural products: at present, half of agricultural products in the United States have adopted flexible packaging, and some agricultural products will develop towards sterile packaging due to the improvement of refrigeration equipment technology

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