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Current development trend of CTP

11 years ago, the installed capacity of CTP in the world was only 60. Today, there are more than 19000 CTP equipment, which is loved by global printing enterprises because of its structural advantage of greatly improving production efficiency and quality

with the continuous maturity and improvement of CTP technology and the vigorous development of China's printing market, major CTP equipment manufacturers have set their sights on China, which is full of development potential and contains countless business opportunities. CTP products are usually divided into three areas: Commerce, packaging and newspaper industry. The sales of Commercial Printing CTP products in southern regions such as Guangdong are very satisfactory, but the northern region is not as optimistic as the southern region. There are also many factors, and the development of the northern market needs further efforts

in terms of the current situation of CTP market, the development of CTP equipment is restricted by plates, which is particularly prominent in China, whether in the newspaper industry, packaging or commercial fields. As we all know, CTP technology and equipment can replace the traditional film and PS version, improve production efficiency and reduce human errors in production links and production. However, due to the relatively small number of CTP applications in China, CTP plates cannot be mass produced and supplied, so the price reduction is not obvious, while the price of traditional PS plates is getting lower and lower, which makes the advantages of CTP less prominent. However, simply comparing the price and cost of plates is important. It also controls the continuation and improvement of five factors. When big customers buy experimental machines again, it is meaningless and immature. Enterprises should take a comprehensive view of the benefits brought by CTP equipment

the types of plates can be divided into: thermal, photosensitive and polyester CTP. Among them, thermal CTP is the most prominent

in terms of light source types, it can be divided into: the average import price of infrared laser in January 2016 was 6779.8 yuan/ton light, violet laser and laser

foreign CTPs such as Agfa, Cleo, screen, Heidelberg, etc. have excellent technical quality in the Chinese market, thus occupying a monopoly position. Its workflow is tailored to its CTP, and the error efficiency is very small

domestic CTP is currently in the development stage. Based on the needs of the domestic market, the edition can maximize the overall purchasing power of users in the industry. The gap between the quality of domestic plate making machine and that of foreign plate making machine is gradually narrowing. Its process software is domestic software, which is easy to understand and easy for users to master

in terms of price, the price of domestic CTP is much cheaper than that of imported CTP, which is basically half of the import price, close to the psychological endurance of domestic users

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