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The current market situation and development prospect of biodegradable plastics industry in 2019: there is a huge alternative market space for biodegradable plastics

there are great differences in the performance of different kinds of biodegradable plastics

biodegradable plastics belong to one kind of degradable plastics, and degradable plastics are mainly divided into three categories: photodegradable plastics, biodegradable plastics and photodegradable plastics

biodegradable plastics refer to plastics that degrade under natural conditions such as soil and/or sandy soil, and/or specific conditions (such as composting), or anaerobic digestion, or in aqueous culture medium, and finally completely degrade into carbon dioxide or (and) methane, water and the mineral inorganic salts of its elements, as well as new biomass

the types of biodegradable plastics include at, PHA, PLA, PCL, PBS and starch based degradable plastics with increasingly low Pb cost. There are great differences in the properties of different types of biodegradable plastics. Among them, due to its relatively simple production and low cost, starch based biodegradable plastics can be used as mulching film, packaging materials, food containers, etc., and its market application is the largest

driven by the "plastic restriction order", there is a huge alternative market space for biodegradable plastics

in order to further regulate the market of biodegradable plastic products, China has continuously issued policies in recent years to further regulate the performance of TPO in a wide range of automotive applications for biodegradable products, including biodegradable plastics. On the one hand, we will severely crack down on illegal commercial criminals, On the other hand, we should strengthen policy support and fiscal and tax support for enterprises producing degradable plastic products. In 2004, the National People's Congress passed the renewable energy law (Draft) and the law on the prevention and control of environmental pollution by solid waste (Revised), encouraging the use of renewable biomass energy and the promotion and application of degradable plastics; In 2007, the general office of the State Council issued "General Office of the State Council on restricting the production and sale of plastic shopping bags through vertical clamping: single number display double number display fully automatic microcomputer controlled change horizontal clamping: double number display single number display fully automatic microcomputer controlled tension compression disc single number display double number display fully automatic microcomputer controlled static characteristic test sorting load sorting height sorting composite sorting high frequency fatigue tension compression fatigue low frequency fatigue mechanical electro-hydraulic servo type change" Change fatigue awareness, implement the paid use of plastic shopping bags, and the "plastic restriction order" stipulates that from June 1, 2008, production, sales, and Use "plastic shopping bags with a thickness of less than 0.025 mm; in 2017, all biodegradable materials were included in the special plan for scientific and technological innovation in the field of materials during the 13th five year plan; in April 2019, biodegradable plastics were included in the catalogue of encouraged industries.

from the 2008 China" plastic ban " Since its implementation, China's demand for biodegradable plastics has maintained a high and stable growth trend. In, the market growth rate of biodegradable plastics demand in China was about 12%. In November 2015, Jilin Province of China became the first province to completely ban non degradable plastic bags and plastic tableware. In February 2019, Hainan provincial government should release the "implementation plan for the comprehensive prohibition of the production, sale and use of disposable non degradable plastic products in Hainan Province". China's compulsory plastic ban policy has been gradually promoted, and there is a large room for market demand to rise. In 2018, the market scale of biodegradable plastics demand in China was about 42000 tons

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