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The current management situation and development prospect of the corrugated box industry

China's entry into WTO is a rare opportunity for the development of China's corrugated box industry. The development space of the corrugated box industry will be broader. At the same time, the corrugated box industry is also facing severe challenges. The administrative mechanism of government departments urgently needs to make strategic adjustments. How can corrugated box enterprises improve their strength and compete for and occupy a favorable position in the fierce competition after integrating into the international market; How to realize the fundamental transformation of corrugated box industry management and adapt to the trend of economic globalization and scientific, technological and economic integration as soon as possible are all issues worthy of our discussion

current situation of corrugated box industry management

on December 21, 1980, after the formal establishment of the China Packaging Technology Association with industry management functions, local packaging technology associations at all levels were established one after another. For more than 20 years, China Packaging Technology Association and other packaging technology associations at all levels have played an important role in the management of the corrugated box industry and made gratifying achievements:

after the establishment of China Packaging Technology Association, under the leadership of the National Economic Commission, a comprehensive survey of China's corrugated box industry was carried out to understand the current situation of the corrugated box industry, and according to the national industrial policy and the needs of the production layout and structural adjustment of the industry, The development strategy of corrugated box industry in coastal areas and inland areas, which can ensure the performance and use effect of instruments, is put forward, and the development plan of corrugated box industry is formulated, which points out the direction for the development of corrugated box industry

substantial progress has been made in strengthening packaging management

since 1986, China Packaging Technology Association, together with China packaging company and relevant departments, has drafted and formulated various relevant packaging management regulations and commodity packaging management measures, making practical efforts to have rules to follow for China's packaging industry

formulate and improve corrugated box industry standards and promote the process of packaging standardization

unite corrugated box enterprises and undertakings in various regions, departments and systems, strengthen internal coordination, and play a connecting role between the government and enterprises, enterprises and enterprises. In order to adapt to the characteristics of this comprehensive industry management, China Packaging Technology Association has united corrugated box enterprises and institutions in various regions, departments and systems to plan and coordinate the development of enterprises in the same industry, and assist the government in guiding and supervising the development of enterprises. At the same time, the rationalization suggestions of corrugated box enterprises and institutions are fed back to the government to strengthen macro-control

extensive technical, economic and academic exchange activities have expanded the space and field of foreign cooperation in China's corrugated box industry

China Packaging Technology Association has officially joined the World Packaging Organization (WPO). In addition to strengthening contacts with foreign partners, it has also made efforts to expand new areas of cooperation, formed international and interregional technical, economic and academic exchanges, and often carried out various economic, technological exchanges, academic and trade activities. It has organized many international packaging exhibitions in China, organized domestic corrugated box enterprises to go abroad for exhibitions, and LED professional delegations to go abroad for training and trade negotiations. In relevant fields, foreign experts and scholars are regularly invited to China to give lectures and conduct management and technical consultation and diagnosis, which has accelerated the integration of China's corrugated box industry with the international corrugated box industry, and made China's corrugated box industry continuously improve its reputation and position in the world

development prospect of corrugated box industry management after China's entry into WTO

strengthen the functions of corrugated box industry management, and establish and improve the macro-control system of the industry

In recent years, the state has implemented preferential policies for the reform of large and medium-sized state-owned enterprises, focusing on supporting backbone enterprises and high-tech industries with low smoke density. The corrugated box industry has formulated reasonable industrial policies to promote the further adjustment and optimization of the corrugated box industrial structure and product structure. The Tenth Five-Year Plan period is the first five years after China's entry into WTO. China implements the western development strategy. The corrugated box industry should further encourage the alliance and merger among corrugated box enterprises and horizontal cooperation among regions, realize the reasonable flow and optimization and reorganization of production factors within the industry, and speed up the development of the corrugated box industry in the West. (strengthen the unified organization and coordination, digestion and absorption, and localization of the imported corrugated box technology and equipment), and make reasonable stock adjustments nationwide to maximize the efficiency of the imported equipment

gradually integrate the corrugated box industry into economic globalization and participate in international competition

the growth mode of China's national economy has basically changed from extensive to intensive, and gradually formed an enterprise management mechanism conducive to saving resources, reducing consumption and increasing benefits, a technological progress mechanism conducive to independent innovation, and an economic operation mechanism conducive to fair market competition, optimal allocation of resources and improving international competitiveness. As a supporting industry, China's corrugated box industry should further adapt to the needs of national economic development after China's entry into WTO, and become an industry with high technology, high efficiency, modernization, and international credibility for the accuracy of marketing statements

establish an information network system suitable for the market economic system

after joining the WTO, in order to improve the competitiveness of corrugated box enterprises, the corrugated box industry should establish an information center within the system to transmit information in time. Focus on the collection and analysis of investment information. Regularly publish information about the production, scientific research and development of important products and the changing trend of domestic and foreign market supply and demand, guide the investment direction and production and operation of enterprises in the whole industry, and provide basis for the government's macro decision-making

strengthen personnel training and promote scientific and technological progress in the corrugated box industry

we should deepen educational reform, adjust the structure of packaging higher education, strengthen the construction of disciplines and majors, strengthen exchanges and cooperation with international packaging education academia, and make packaging education in line with international standards as soon as possible according to the changes in the market demand for packaging talents after China's entry into WTO. Implement the strategy of invigorating packaging through science and technology throughout the industry, implement the policy of revitalizing packaging and giving priority to science and technology, increase the content of scientific and technological factors in the development of the industry, and promote the transformation of enterprises from speed and quantity to quality and efficiency. Encourage large and medium-sized enterprises, enterprise groups and scientific research institutions to integrate with each other to form science and technology groups. Take high-tech projects as the leader to build high-tech bases. Vigorously promote scientific research achievements and improve the industrial technology supervision system

raise funds through multiple channels to increase capital investment in the corrugated box industry

after joining the WTO, while striving for national financial support, the corrugated box industry should base itself on the domestic market, attract funds in various ways, and increase the ability of enterprises to raise funds by themselves and widely attract social funds through the joint-stock reform of enterprises and the issuance of bonds; Create conditions to establish systematic financing institutions; We should use various channels and forms to actively attract direct investment from foreign, Hong Kong and Taiwan businessmen and funds from international financial organizations. At the same time, we should make two-way choices according to China's packaging industry policy, and use foreign capital to participate in the adjustment, transformation and development of the corrugated box industry

use legal and policy means to ensure the healthy development of the industry

after joining the WTO, all national or local packaging laws and regulations, management measures and management regulations should be cleaned up, and the contents inconsistent with WTO regulations and China's foreign commitments should be revised or abolished. The management of China's corrugated box industry should be in line with international standards, so that corrugated box enterprises can integrate into economic globalization and participate in international competition healthily.

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