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Integrity, dedication, pragmatism and Innovation -- Interview with Zhang Jinzu, director and general manager of Shanghai weltai Industrial Automation Co., Ltd.

on September 13, 2006, the 17th multinational Instrument Exhibition was grandly opened in Beijing China International Exhibition Center, and more than 600 relevant enterprises from home and abroad participated in the event. As an outstanding representative of China's instrument industry, Shanghai weltai Industrial Automation Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "weltai") took the company's cutting-edge products to the exhibition. Among them, the new sem6600 high-end electromagnetic flowmeter and wt300 series 0 miniaturized and high-precision differential pressure/pressure transmitters produced by many domestic waterproof enterprises attracted the attention of the audience. At the exhibition site, China industrial control interviewed Zhang Jinzu, the director and general manager of weltai, on the above two new products

be pragmatic and innovative, and be a world-class product.

General Manager Zhang introduced that sem6600 high-end electromagnetic flowmeter adopts the second generation AC sine wave excitation technology, which is mainly aimed at high solid content (such as pulp solid content of more than 8%, iron ore slurry concentration of more than 60%, dredger sand content of more than 60%, or yogurt containing grain and fruit particles), poor conductivity Flow pulsation and other production processes with significant interference (such as electrolyte, etc.) are designed, which can easily detect the flow of complex fluids under bad working conditions

performance characteristics:

caliber: dn10 ~ DN1000

measurement slurry accuracy: ± 0.5% measurement value, measurement accuracy of other media: ± 0.2% measurement value

with magnetic field feedback control, the magnetic field is more stable, the compensation is more timely

compatible with all sensors and the performance is improved. It can adapt to various special working conditions

analog signal digital signal hybrid intelligent filtering technology to ensure accurate flow measurement and stable zero point, Reliable self diagnosis

OLED high-definition graphic display, Chinese and English interface, direct key pressing is easy to cause small piston damage, oil leakage or infrared remote control operation, simple and practical

with pluggable fram memory module, it can store 10billion times repeatedly, and the data is saved for 10 years. Just replace the module, the sensors can be exchanged without re entering any data

wt3000 series miniaturized, high-precision differential pressure/pressure transmitter is characterized by high precision (± 0.075%), wide range ratio (100:1), digital temperature compensation technology, excellent temperature performance, HART communication protocol, the latest technology, and strong on-site anti-interference ability. In the sub series, president Zhang, especially the rapid growth of domestic capacity of lithium 6 fluorophosphate, focused on wt3000n and wv2000tn differential pressure/pressure transmitters. These two transmitters have reached the nuclear safety level. They are optimized and designed on the basis of mature wt1151 and mv2000t pressure transmitters. They mainly make important progress in the research and development of graphene composite high-strength polyethylene, aramid, carbon fiber and other high-end composite fibers. The seals, protective structures, materials and electronic devices of wt1151 and mv2000 have been designed and improved in terms of nuclear safety level special performance, It can well meet the precise measurement and application of nuclear power plants and other nuclear industrial processes in special occasions such as high radioactivity, earthquake, high temperature and high pressure steam, corrosion, etc. The products include pressure, differential pressure, absolute pressure, high static pressure differential pressure, remote flange and other varieties. The electronic shell is made of stainless steel. According to the nuclear safety performance, wt3000n series nuclear safety level pressure transmitters are divided into wt3000n1, wt3000n, t3000n3 and wt3000n4. Mv2000tn has analog or digital output signals and conforms to HART protocol. The accuracy grade of wt3000n is 0.25m, and mv2000tn is 0.075. President Zhang revealed that at present, wt3000n transmitters are used in two nuclear power plants in China

create enterprise brand through sustainable development

when it comes to listing, president Zhang said flatly that as an independent R & D enterprise, weltai has strong technical strength and strong capital accumulation, and listing is an embodiment of weltai's development strength. As a national brand, weltai shoulders the important task of promoting China's technological progress. After the company goes public, all financing will be invested in the development of China's automation industry

be prepared with both hands, and be hard with both hands

when talking about going to Russia to participate in the exhibition not long ago, president Zhang laughed and said that wiltai's ability to participate in the exhibition abroad is a reflection of his own strength, and the products on display have attracted great attention from international peers. On the basis of continuous improvement and continuous improvement of the technical performance of products, in addition to actively occupying the domestic market, wiltai liquid also focuses on a broader overseas market. As president Zhang said, both domestic and foreign markets are not relaxed, and they continue to expand in the field of automatic control

from President Zhang, we can see the pragmatism and diligence of weltai people. We have reason to believe that in the near future, as a national brand, weltai will stand tall in the forest of automation in the world

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