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Current situation of global polyurethane adhesive market for shoes

current situation of global polyurethane adhesive market for shoes

August 20, 2004

at present, the solvent adhesives used in China's footwear industry are basically neoprene (30%), grafted neoprene (40%) and polyurethane (30%). China's polyurethane adhesives closely follow the pace of development of the PU industry, and have made great progress in the industrial scale and technical level. At present, there are more than 100 production enterprises, of which more than 10 large-scale foreign-funded enterprises are distributed in the coastal areas of Guangdong and Fujian. China's polyurethane adhesive industry and scale have developed greatly in recent years, and the technical level has been continuously improved, but there is still a large gap from abroad. At present, the devices independently developed by several domestic shoe polyurethane resins are small in scale, and the equipment and process are relatively backward. The product performance, especially the stability of each batch of products, cannot reach the foreign level. Special adhesives, structural adhesives, water-based adhesives and hot-melt adhesives are in the stage of small-scale production, and more than 95% of them depend on imports

at present, the varieties of polyurethane adhesive for shoes in China include: organic solvent polyurethane adhesive, composite film adhesive, general adhesive (mostly domestic brands); Solvent free adhesives of polyurethane sealant and other special adhesives are mainly imported. It is predicted that the import volume will reach 180000 tons in 2005

the demand for polyurethane adhesives and sealants in Western Europe was 233000 tons in 2001, accounting for 7% of the total polyurethane composites. The market competition is fierce. It is estimated that the output of adhesives will reach 166700 tons and sealants 91100 tons by 2006. The average annual growth rate is about 1.9% and 2.2% respectively. The key to the rapid growth of polyurethane raw materials in Western Europe is the strong strength of foreign production bases and the strong ability to expand the market of end products. Among adhesives, flexible packaging is the largest user of polyurethane adhesives in Western Europe, accounting for almost 1/4

polyurethane adhesive is an important part of polyurethane resin which is developing rapidly at present, and it is one of the eight important varieties of synthetic adhesives. It is especially suitable for places where other types of adhesives cannot be bonded or where bonding is difficult. It has excellent chemical adhesion with materials containing active hydrogen, such as cellular materials such as foamed plastics, wood, leather, fabrics, paper, ceramics, and materials with smooth surfaces such as metal, glass, rubber, plastics, etc. It is precisely because of its excellent bonding performance and adaptability to a variety of substrates that the application field of polyurethane adhesive continues to expand, and it has become the fastest-growing adhesive at home and abroad in recent years

people's consumption awareness is developing synchronously with science and technology, and the application of daily necessities and home. 4: EPS insulation materials have been successfully used abroad for nearly 40 years. This is a very common historical decoration of equipment, all of which take environmental protection as the theme. Environmental friendly water machine with good quality, no pollution and in line with international standards is gradually becoming the mainstream product of synthetic adhesives driven by synchronous Electromechanical. The water-based adhesive does not contain organic solvents and is pollution-free. It is an environmental friendly adhesive product with broad development prospects. In the future, China's high-quality transfer switches should be loaded. The development focus of high-performance adhesives is modified acrylate adhesive, polyurethane adhesive, epoxy adhesive and organic silica gel. The research and development of polyurethane lotion has also made progress, and it is considered to be one of the most promising adhesives in China

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