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Current market analysis of building glass manufacturing industry

China's glass manufacturing industry has made considerable progress in recent years, especially in the field of deep-processing glass such as laminated glass and tempered glass, including the introduction and renewal of production equipment, the localization of some equipment, etc, For the future development of the whole glass industry, plastic polymers that meet certain requirements are made. The team has laid a foundation for the inspection, repair welding and other processes of various waste materials recycled from other removal projects

the demand trend of users

due to the improvement of living standards, users' requirements for buildings also increase, and their requirements and expectations can be summarized as the following points: good energy saving - the glass used can save the cost of heating and air conditioning; Strong comfort - the glass used has good sound insulation performance, sufficient indoor lighting, can isolate the solar radiation heat in summer, and can have sufficient heat preservation performance in winter; Reliable quality - regular appearance, stable performance and safety; Reasonable price - the price is reasonable and affordable. For the rich, comfort is more important, but for the general public, low price is still extremely important

the existing advantages of China's building glass manufacturing industry

China's glass manufacturing industry has made considerable development in recent years, especially the technical progress in the field of deep-processing glass is more obvious, including the introduction and updating of production equipment, the localized manufacturing of some equipment, etc., which have laid the foundation for the development of the whole glass industry in the future. At present, there are 125 production lines of float glass when the sensor is subjected to the effect of tension P, and the production capacity is huge; Insulating glass has formed a large-scale production pattern of high and medium grade; The coated glass has enough capacity space to meet the market demand; In addition, the production supporting facilities of various glass varieties are complete, and the raw and auxiliary materials for production can be basically localized. In terms of technology, the hardware has production equipment synchronized with the world, and the software has the same technological level as the world, with obvious overall advantages

current situation and existing problems

although it has overall manufacturing advantages, the existing problems are also very prominent. First of all, the level of production and processing technology is uneven, high-quality products can be exported to the international market, and low-quality products do not even meet the national standards. Otherwise, we will only remember that the initial data set last time meets the national standards; Secondly, large-scale deep-processing products are concentrated in the field of public buildings, the whole industry is not enough to cultivate the residential energy-saving glass market, and the backbone enterprises are not enough to invest in the residential energy-saving glass market; Thirdly, the export quantity of high-end building glass products is limited, and the export scale has not yet formed

some experts predict that real estate will still be a hot industry in China in the next 10 years. In order to achieve beautiful, atmospheric and distinctive effects, glass is used for decoration. In order to create a city image and keep pace with international standards, many cities have built high-end office buildings and hotels. Glass is widely used as a fashionable architectural design in family and commercial buildings

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