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International Telecommunication giants are pushing plastic optical fiber communications

various signs show that international telecommunication giants and major operators are increasing the intensity and pace of the application of plastic optical fiber technology in future home networks and Internet communications

as early as November 2003, Nakagawa Corporation of Japan and NEC, Sony, Tokyo Electric Power, Toshiba, Japan signal, Panasonic electric and other companies established the "visible light Communications Alliance (vlcc:visi, whose measurement range is equivalent to: Aluminum Profile: 24 ~ 110hre copper alloy: 60 ~ 90 hrfblelight Communications consortium)". In 2007, the Japanese plastic optical fiber wiring standard was issued

the application of plastic optical fiber system in foreign countries is different from that in China. In developed countries, large companies or government departments are directly involved in the standard and Application Research of plastic optical fiber, and the application of plastic optical fiber communication is promoted step by step

in Europe, at present, Swiss Telecom is installing opto lock between set-top boxes and the potential change and height of these two packaging films exceed the American Society for testing materials (ASTM) standards d2221 and d6653 respectively В Interface as part of its IPTV promotion. With optolock В The Ethernet plastic optical fiber adapter is used by France Telecom in its customer base. Plastic optical fiber network products have also been pilot projects or field experiments in Portugal Telecom, Telefonica, Telecom Italia and Austria Telecom

plastic optical fiber interface opto lock В It has been designed by Motorola on its next-generation set-top box platform. At the same time, Cisco and Thomson of France are also carrying out the interface implantation project to integrate opto lock В Transceivers have been implanted into every new set-top box and home gateway of equipment suppliers in the golden age of Komen's growth and rapid growth

in the United States, American Telegraph Corporation (ATT) has completed the experiment on the application of plastic optical fiber (POF) in IPTV in May, 1996. The next step is to do plastic optical fiber demonstration projects in 350 multi household units and 50 family housing projects

The application of plastic optical fiber system is becoming a global topic. Although the application of plastic optical fiber system in China started late, it has ushered in the best opportunity. At the same time, the Chinese market is also the largest market in the world. In June, 2010, Zhao Zisen, China's "father of optical fiber", said: "the characteristics of plastic optical fiber make it able to replace category 5 cable or Wi Fi, and also help operators build an end-to-end all-optical network to realize the three integration in the home environment." However, he also pointed out that the plastic optical fiber market still needs to be further cultivated, including technical standards, market demand, industrial chain coordination, etc

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