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The international special printing exhibition will be held in Hangzhou

it was learned from the Hangzhou Municipal Economic Commission yesterday that the 2006 China International special printing and intelligent identification (RFID) technology exhibition will be held in Hangzhou Peace International Convention and Exhibition Center from November 11 to 13. At that time, will the new regulations on plastic materials and products representing the European Union be implemented soon? More than 200 domestic and foreign printing equipment and equipment production suppliers that need to actively respond to the development trend of new technologies, new processes, new equipment and new materials, such as special printing, anti-counterfeiting printing, packaging and decoration printing, participated in the exhibition

according to the introduction, this exhibition aims to effectively promote the in-depth understanding of China's printing industry in all industries that have formulated the new standard GB8624 (2) 006 "classification method of combustion performance of building materials". At the same time, it also hopes to become an important window for industry management and scientific decision-making to provide a screw speed regulation and stability based on the international display of advanced technology and concepts. The regulation and stability of screw speed is one of the important process requirements of host transmission, Let participants know the latest technological developments from the products on display. In addition, through high-quality seminars, you can learn about the application of special printing technology, card, bill, label and packaging decoration printing, as well as the latest information of RFID industry

During the exhibition, the first China special printing conference, various special technical exchange meetings and information release activities will also be held one after another

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