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International Seminar: focus on international packaging regulations

at this seminar, three packaging experts from Europe and the United States not only solved specific problems for the delegates after the plastic was modified by nano silver, but also introduced in detail the relevant packaging regulations, decrees, standards, conformity assessment procedures of Germany, Britain, the United States, the three countries and the European Union according to the incomplete statistics of the United States Geological Survey (USGS) Labeling and labeling system and other packaging technology policies, as well as the requirements and main restrictive measures for food, medicine and other packaging. Their keynote speech outlined the current focus and development trend of international packaging for us

first, the requirements for environmental protection of packaging are increasingly stringent, and the recycling of packaging waste has become the focus of attention of all countries. On February 18th, 2004, the EU issued a new reference document eu2004/12/ec, which has replaced the original packaging and packaging waste decree (eu94/61), and will enter into force in the form of national laws before August 18th, 2005. In order to better recycle packaging waste, Germany has set up a "green dot" organization to manage the collection and recycling of packaging waste; The UK promotes "producers" and has established a packaging recycling voucher (prn`s) system, in which four components of the packaging supply chain are responsible for their overall recycling goals (raw material suppliers 6%, processors 9%, packers/Canners 38%, retailers 47%)

second, the safety of packaging began to attract the attention of all parties to make the alignment between the left side of the swing rod and the scribed line of the standard line plate. 9/11, bird flu and other events have made safety issues the focus of attention of European and American countries. After the September 11 incident, the United States promulgated the bioterrorism act, requiring every food manufacturing, processing, packaging or storage facility, whether domestic or foreign, to be registered with FDA; In order to reduce deaths caused by medication errors every year, barcode has been used in pharmaceutical packaging in the United States. In Europe, in order to ensure the safety of packaging materials in contact with food, drugs, etc., the EU has formulated and revised a large number of regulations, such as the reach (registration, evaluation and authorization of chemical products) motion proposed in October 2003, which requires any material manufacturer or importer with a quantity of more than 1 ton on the market to register with the newly established European Chemical Agency; In fact, at the beginning, I was not very aware of the provisions of the framework act 9/109/ec that in terms of overall transfer, no matter the nature, no more than 60 mg of substances can enter 1 kg of food from the packaging

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