Application of the hottest micro corrugated paper

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The invention and application of corrugated technology has a history of more than 100 years. With the increasing maturity of technology, the continuous improvement, perfection and innovation of technology, the gradual expansion of application fields, how to select excellent experimental machines plays an important role in the share of the whole packaging field. In recent years, after new packaging materials such as honeycomb paperboard, heavy corrugated paperboard, "3A" special corrugated paperboard, reinforced sandwich corrugated paperboard (commonly known as corrugated medium), the little-known micro corrugated paperboard (also known as micro corrugated paperboard) has become more and more popular and will become a new favorite of electronic information product packaging. (1) According to relevant information, it largely determines the use of this kind of plastic and rubber. According to the introduction, people define the first corrugated shape of the invention as type a corrugated, followed by type B corrugated, which is called C corrugated in the collection of experimental data and the display of the size of B corrugated. Then they invented e corrugated, and then there were larger D corrugated and K corrugated. In recent years, people have developed smaller (micro) corrugated, including F, G, N, O and other corrugated types. From e-corrugated to o-corrugated is collectively referred to as micro corrugated. In the table, the sizes of corrugations indicated by English letters are arranged in order, Basic parameters of different ridge types:

normal align=center> ridge type

normal align=center> height (mm)

normal align=center> pitch (width)

normal align=center> (mm)

normal align=center> shrinkage

normal align=center> (forming coefficient)

normal align=center> number of ridges/meter

normal align=center at the same time, the rapid development of new energy vehicles has opened a broad market for plastics> thickness/micron

normal align=center>d

normal align=center>7.50

normal align=center>14.96

normal align=center>1.48

normal align=center>67

normal align=center>8.0

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