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The application of micro corrugated box in the packaging industry of electronic products

the invention and application of corrugated paper technology has a history of more than 100 years. With the increasing maturity of technology, the continuous improvement, improvement and innovation of technology, and the gradual expansion of application fields, corrugated paper technology has played an important role in the share of the whole packaging field. In recent years, after new packaging materials such as honeycomb paperboard, heavy corrugated paperboard, "3A" special corrugated paperboard, reinforced sandwich corrugated paperboard (commonly known as corrugated medium), the little-known micro corrugated paperboard (also known as micro corrugated paperboard) has become more and more popular and will become a new favorite of electronic information product packaging

according to relevant information, people defined the first corrugated shape of the invention as type a corrugated, followed by type B corrugated, and the one driving between the sizes of type A and B corrugated is called C corrugated. Then they invented e corrugated, and then there were larger D corrugated and K corrugated. In recent years, people have developed smaller (micro) corrugated, including F, G, N, O and other corrugated types. From e-corrugated to o-corrugated is collectively referred to as micro corrugated. In the table, the sizes of corrugations are arranged in turn in English letters, and the basic parameters of different corrugations: <1 on the one hand, the research direction of scientific research institutions needs to be highly consistent with the development field of enterprises/p>

according to the test and experimental analysis of various corrugations in turn by insiders, it is found that the higher the height of corrugation, the stronger the edge pressing performance, and the lower the height of corrugation, the better the flat pressing strength; The larger the height and width of the ridge, the larger the volume of the carton and the greater the load; The corrugated shape becomes smaller and thinner, and the carton evolves into a carton, but its physical properties exceed the solid core carton with the same gram weight. At the same time, it is also found that micro corrugated board has good printing adaptability. Therefore, people can combine different corrugated types according to their characteristics and different uses to manufacture different packaging products for packaging products of different weights, types and grades. In a sense, corrugated paper products are easy to recycle and recycle, and are ideal "green packaging" materials

micro corrugated paper packaging is just like a wonderful flower blooming in the packaging field. It marks the perfect combination of modern packaging technology and advanced printing technology to achieve the purpose of protecting commodities, facilitating transportation and promoting sales. It also vividly and thoroughly displays and publicizes commodities with the characteristics of "science, economy, firmness, beauty, novelty and promotion", so as to communicate the bridge and media between producers and consumers, It is an important way to realize and improve commodity value. As an authoritative magazine in the United States predicted, the commodity competition in the future world will no longer be the competition between commodity prices, but the competition between commodity texture, commodity packaging and new commodity design

the reported advantages of micro corrugated paper packaging have attracted the attention and great interest of Haier, Kelon, TCL, Huawei, Motorola, Changhong, BenQ and other electronic information industries

the unique structure of micro corrugated paper packaging, high-strength seismic performance, exquisite printing, and low cost make "Haier" quite interested. Yu, the head of Haier's packaging department, said that Haier's annual demand for micro corrugated boxes is more than 10million. In order to cooperate with Haier's "zero inventory" strategy, packaging manufacturers are required to supply goods every day

the small corrugated paper package is exquisite and beautiful, which makes Motorola (China) Electronics Co., Ltd. excited. Miss Ni from the packaging development department of the company said that micro corrugated paper packaging is very suitable for small packaging because of its small shape, good straightness, compact structure and other advantages. At the same time, because the micro corrugated board has good printing accuracy and stability, as well as strong colors, it has played the role of sales promotion for Motorola. Therefore, Motorola has been using micro corrugated packaging in recent years

the micro corrugated paper packaging with high compressive strength, low cost and good printing adaptability has also attracted the attention of Huawei Technology Co., Ltd. Mr. Cai, from the structural design department of the company, said to the author with deep experience: with the gradual standardized development of the logistics industry, in view of the advantages of micro corrugated cardboard such as good hardness, high strength, light weight, low cost and easy printing, Huawei has adopted e-corrugated micro corrugated and the rapid progress of waste plastic recycling technology. The cardboard is applied to integrated packaging and lined packaging containers of electronic products, replacing the b-corrugated cardboard C-shaped single corrugated board. The improved packaging not only meets the requirements of safe transportation of products, but also reduces the packaging materials and transportation costs by more than 1 million yuan per year. In order to create "green packaging", Huawei also uses paper liners folded by micro corrugated cardboard to replace EPE plastic cushioning materials. This alone can save 800000 yuan in packaging costs every year

Mr. Zhang of Guangdong Kelong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. believes that the exquisite printing effect is one of the main reasons why his company adopts micro corrugated paper packaging. For example, the 6-inch and 8-inch refrigerators and other small household electrical appliances produced by Kelon Company are packed with be corrugated boxes and satisfactory offset printing technology. The colors are gorgeous. After being coated with UV varnish, it not only achieves the effect of moisture resistance, but also reduces the overall cost of packaging by about 15% while reducing the volume of cartons and improving the compressive strength of packaging boxes interviewed by the head of the product quality supervision and testing center of the General Administration of publishing

director Liu of the Packaging Research Institute of Sichuan Changhong Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. said that the packaging of some audio-visual products such as ultra-thin DVDs of Changhong company not only ensures the strength of the carton, but also reduces the packaging cost by more than 20% by changing the box type design and replacing the original A-line or B-line with E-line packaging box

micro corrugated paper packaging has many advantages, which has a great attraction to BenQ Denton Information Technology Co., Ltd., one of the world's famous IT manufacturers. According to a person in charge of the company, compared with large corrugated paper packaging such as b-corrugated, the micro corrugated paper packaging not only has a solid structure, high pressure bearing strength of parallel pressure and good cushioning performance, but also effectively ensures the product quality during transportation. And it can also reduce the packaging cost by about 20%. At the same time, micro corrugated board has better physical properties and better printing adaptability. The color printing of the packaging box of BenQ products, with exquisite patterns and bright colors, reflects a strong lifelike visual effect, which can catch the desire of consumers and give people a kind of beautiful enjoyment. It can be said that micro corrugated board has great potential in the digital product packaging market

as the representative of high-tech industry, the electronic information industry has been acting as the main driving force for the development of the world economy for more than ten years. With the rapid development of China's electronic information industry, China has become a major country in the manufacturing and export of electronic information products in the world. In recent years, the export volume of electronic information products has increased at an average annual rate of more than 30%. In 2003, China's exports of electronic products amounted to 142.1 billion US dollars, accounting for one third of the country's total foreign trade exports and 20% of the world's total trade in electronic information products. In 2004, China's electronic information industry should continue to develop rapidly, harmoniously and healthily. For example, the output will reach 200million units, with a growth rate of more than 30%; The output of microcomputers will reach 40million, with a growth rate of more than 50%; The output of color TV sets will reach 72million, an increase of about 10million over 2003; The proportion of high value-added products such as plasma color TVs and digital color TVs will be greatly increased; The output of washing machines will reach 20million, an increase of about 5million over 2003; The output of air conditioners will reach 65million units, an increase of 15million units over 2003; The output of refrigerators will reach 26million, an increase of 6million over 2003 The rapid development of electronic information industry is bound to inject vitality into packaging production enterprises and drive the accelerated development of packaging industry

micro corrugated paper packaging has many advantages, such as firm and flat, light and thin materials, good seismic performance, high compressive strength, good printing effect, low cost, etc. it is an ideal packaging material for electronic information products. Therefore, it has begun to quickly enter the packaging market of electronic information products

however, due to the late start of micro corrugated board production in China, at present, in terms of paper quality and grade, there are few varieties, low grade, and low level of production technology and process. It is reported that the higher grade micro corrugated board still needs to be imported. Therefore, Ren daozhong, the manufacturer of domestic micro corrugated board, is far away. Users are looking forward to developing micro corrugated paper packaging boxes (boxes) with higher compressive strength, better cushioning performance, more exquisite printing, no "washboard" phenomenon and lower cost as soon as possible, so as to move towards the promising electronic information product packaging market

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