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International shrink film label material manufacturing the international influence of China's plastic machinery industry continues to improve, and the manufacturing sector has changed significantly.

recently, Ineos Group signed a binding agreement to sell the global films department to bilcare AG, one of the pioneers that provides research-oriented packaging for the global pharmaceutical industry, at a price of about 100million euros. The agreement will combine the outstanding capabilities and collaborative advantages of two global leading enterprises

Ineos films is a leader in the fields of pharmaceuticals, specialty chemicals, cards and packaging films; Bilcare is the leading supplier of innovative packaging solutions for brand safety and growth in the global pharmaceutical industry

the transaction involves related businesses, assets and personnel of Ineos films in North America, Europe and Asia

Iain Hogan, CEO of Ineos films, warmly welcomed this announcement. He said: I am very excited about the infinite possibilities that the combination of our two companies can bring. Combining bilcare's R & D focus with our extensive production and application knowledge can bring a strong strategic fit

although the Ineos films Department performed well, it is no longer the core Department of the Ineos group as the company focuses on large-scale petrochemical products business. The agreement signed with bilcare will make the assets and employees of Ineos films the core of the innovative new Department, and will make it necessary to achieve growth and further development, which is beneficial to the Department and its global customers

ineos films is a leading global manufacturer of high-quality polymer films based on expertise and innovation. The company plays an important role in the fields of pharmaceutical blister packaging, printing film and decorative film, shrink film for casing, capsule and plastic credit card. The company has manufacturing plants in Germany, Italy, India and North America, employing about 1300 employees and a turnover of about 240million euros

Mohan Bhandari, chairman of bilcare limited, said: this acquisition is a paradigm shift in the field of pharmaceutical packaging, and also represents an important step towards building a customer-centric company that can achieve pioneering innovation and establish a global leadership position

Dr. Heinz Gaertner, the newly appointed Executive Chairman of bilcare AG, said: this transaction is a unique opportunity and can deepen our intention to apply the Innovation led approach to many industries currently served by Ineos films, especially in Europe and the United States

the transaction and related matters will take effect through a merger process in Germany (related to the company and its subsidiaries that caused the sensation of this video in Germany). The transaction is expected to be completed by the end of August and depends on the necessary regulatory documents and approvals, including German court and the approval of applicable antitrust laws and regulations

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