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The market situation of international tea packaging has been not very good. At present, its packaging is breaking the traditional concept and showing novel characteristics in processing, materials, structure and many other aspects. The industry said that the sales competition of tea is starting from packaging

in terms of materials used for outer packaging, it is like the wooden packaging box used in India, which is made into 5g, 50g and 250g different specifications. In terms of processing, Japan makes the end tea into capsules, which can be brewed easily. The British tea bag set up a special project team as early as one year ago, and made full articles on the patterns and words on the functional parameters of the outer packaging Rotorless vulcanizer used to analyze and determine the scorching time, positive sulfur chemical time, vulcanization speed, modulus and vulcanization leveling of the rubber vulcanization process. In order to prevent external light, temperature and humidity from affecting the color, aroma and taste of tea, the inner packaging raw materials of many products are sealed with paper and tin foil as much as possible

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