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when doing decoration, people often choose to stick wall cloth on the wall. Because of rich colors and exquisite patterns, compared with monotonous coatings, the advantages of wall cloth are self-evident. However, many owners do not know how to deal with the wall during decoration, resulting in a series of problems such as mildew, discoloration and falling off after sticking the wall cloth for a period of time. Even high-end wall coverings are no exception. Very distressed

to achieve the conditions of flat, clean, smooth and dry walls, other wall decoration materials can basically meet the requirements, especially the environmental protection paint promoted in the market at present. However, to achieve the "solid" step, the key depends on the quality of the base film provided by the project manager of the decoration company or the owner

role of base membrane:

base membrane, as wall treatment material, mainly plays the role of waterproof, moisture-proof, leveling, reinforcement, wall protection and so on. According to the different characteristics of the wall, the targeted selection of base film products will effectively prolong the service time of the wallpaper and provide guarantee for the effect of the wallpaper after it is put on the wall

the quality of base film is first of all the proportion of curing agent content. Generally, the content of more than 20% meets the standard. After the base film is applied and dried thoroughly, the putty wall will become relatively solid. What will happen if the base film curing agent does not meet the standard

1. The wall firmness is not up to standard

most of the wall surfaces are rough and uneven, and the surface is easy to lose powder. After the wall cloth is directly glued on the wall, the bonding effect of the wall cloth will be reduced, so the wall cloth is easy to fall off

2. Moldy wall

when the wall is moldy, the wall surface is not painted with the base film, so that the water inside the wall penetrates into the bottom of the wall cloth and becomes moldy

3. Bubbles or small bulges appear on the surface of the hollow wall, which is prone to floating dust, cracks and other phenomena

Figure 1 and Figure 2 show the substandard wall firmness found during the water test when we check the wall foundation when we visit the customer for measurement. Figure 3 is the most typical edge curling after the base film is not strong enough to meet the standard and the wallpaper is forcibly pasted. Such edge curling is not the glue degumming, but the wall is not solid enough to separate from the wall and completely stick to the back of the wallpaper

how to choose the base film

(1) standard wall: it is flat, dry, firm and pollution-free, which is suitable for selecting standard base membrane

(2) walls easy to crack and walls with repeated replacement of wall cloth: diamond type base film can be used, which has the characteristics of thick film formation, high strength, wear resistance, crack prevention and strong resistance

(3) walls with stains or color differences: generally, permeable covering base membrane is used, which can strengthen the wall and cover the pollution and color differences to form a solid white wall

(4) soft and powdered wall: use permeable base membrane, which can penetrate the putty layer to the wall, and strengthen the firmness between the putty powder and the wall, as well as between the putty layers

(5) alkaline wall: Steel alkali resistant base membrane can be used, which can penetrate deeply into the wall, and the effect of alkali resistant wall protection is good

finally, I'll teach you the simplest self-test method for the firmness of the wall base film. After wetting the water with a wet towel, you don't need to wring it dry. You'd better wipe several places at random to avoid uneven painting by painters. How to remedy unqualified walls?, The simplest way is to replace the base film with qualified quality





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