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Cohen electric submarine second-generation T53 brings intelligent high suction

Chinese cooking is inevitable. The sound of "stabbing" is quite pleasant, but the mushroom cloud generated in an instant accumulates to form a space wrapped by oil smoke, which makes our cooks who love explosion cooking have a headache, and the large amount of carcinogens contained in oil smoke pose a considerable threat to human health. Cohen electric attaches importance to the kitchen cooking environment and pursues high-quality life experience. It has launched a large suction range hood submarine class second-generation T53, which was officially launched on October 20 to fight the kitchen range hood from the source to the end and create a smoke-free and healthy cooking environment

the huge amount of lampblack produced by Chinese cooking makes "sucking up lampblack" an extravagant hope that Chinese people have been unable to realize. The submarine class second-generation T53, which condenses Cohen's innovative wisdom, expands the smoke control area by 0.22m2, and the lampblack can be covered no matter how large. It also pioneered the use of "Cohen's smoke guide mesh plate" to easily guide the grease into the oil cup, and the core negative pressure area decreased, effectively reducing the escape of lampblack. At the same time, the perfect use of the Falcon type smoke collecting cavity can easily control the overall smoke situation and achieve the smoking effect of "full speed and smooth smoking"

while successfully achieving "full speed and smooth suction", the smoke exhaust air duct system is comprehensively upgraded, and the "strong instantaneous exhaust" design makes the air duct system break through the wind resistance as fast as the wind, improve the smoke exhaust efficiency, and breathe fresh air in the kitchen: use the 9011 patented double-layer silent super large impeller, optimize the air flow trajectory, and realize low-noise operation; The automatic cruise pressurization technology developed according to the actual situation of the public flue of urban residential buildings in China has been comprehensively upgraded to 400pa, creating a new standard for European style flue gas machines, and the public flue can run smoothly. The super large air volume of 20m3/min is not a number, but the real and perceptible smoking effect when users use the cigarette machine. Every leap is to strive for perfection, and every experience is unprecedented

the appearance of the range hood is also included in the special sensory enjoyment of modern life, which determines the overall aesthetics of the kitchen. The submarine level second-generation T53 range hood, which is well versed in aesthetics, integrates Italian aesthetics with the way of beautiful industrial design, integrates the fresh and flexible beauty into the gorgeous European kitchen, and makes the efficiency of range hood increase by 185% at a high speed, truly achieving the coexistence of strength and beauty. Classic diamond cutting lines, both soft touch and exquisite technology

the moment the range hood is turned on, the kitchen is like installing a generator, and the ears can't stand the rumbling noise. On the basis of ensuring the effect of oil smoke, Cohen submarine class Ⅱ T53 smoke machine can effectively reduce the noise and give you a 48 DB library mute effect. The continuous optimization of mute technology is just to make every cooking an elegant and quiet journey for users

Zhejiang Cohen electric always starts from the needs of consumers and focuses on promoting technological innovation. The submarine level second-generation T53 range hood adopts an intelligent control system to accurately control smoke by three means: smoke collection, smoke exhaust and smoke inlet, so as to achieve 360 ° real smoke free and open a new generation of kitchen intelligent interactive experience. For more elegant cooking, healthier fresh breathing, and higher quality high-end life, every unprecedented amazing breakthrough is stirring up the long-awaited changes in people's hearts





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