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After the annual holiday, many people began to study the decoration Classic again. How to spend the least money and achieve the best effect of decoration is the most concerned and troublesome thing for the decoration family. Today, the editor of Wuhan home decoration network collected two examples of decoration by netizens, which you can use for reference. Absolutely useful decoration cases

live case 1: love the Mediterranean alone, 60000 yuan soft clothes, 2-bedroom love nest

owner situation: this young couple are both post-80s, and they got married just after graduation, which is considered to be a naked marriage family. Later, they mortgaged their house by stages, but the marriage time was approaching, and they became house slaves, and had to endure the pain of decoration. After choosing for a long time, they finally made a decision. The classic of no meter decoration is to be installed, but fortunately, the decoration effect was still satisfactory

60000 yuan soft decoration 70 flat zhonghaifeng 2 home love nest. The big background of the space is beige, and the choice of furniture can favor white and light colored wooden furniture; Curtains, sofas, lighting, etc. can be mainly low color tones and cotton fabrics, or small broken flowers, stripes, lattice patterns; The choice of ornaments may as well be national and retro. Collocation should have both harmony and contrast





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