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When decorating the house, you can't treat any part casually, especially the bathroom. In the past, people paid more attention to the living room, bedroom and other areas in decoration. With the development of the times and the change of ideas, the bathroom should also “ The turned serfs sang ”. Netizens “ Help the baby ” The bathroom of my family encountered trouble when it was decorated. Because it was an old house, the bathroom pattern was actually an inverse strip shape, and the length width ratio was very uncoordinated. What about these

“ Help the baby ” My guest bathroom is a long strip, with a length of about 5m and a width of about 1.65m. The middle part of the bathroom is near the wall, and the end is near the window, and there is a water pipe. This kind of abominable anti human bathroom makes us rack our brains when designing! Besides, I have to have a bathtub, because I love taking baths! No way, this is the disadvantage of the old house (10 years old). In the past, everyone pursued a large living room, a large bedroom, and a small kitchen and bathroom. But modern life has changed a lot. The kitchen needs to put more than ten kinds of electrical appliances or even more. Most bathrooms are more inclined to separate bathtub and shower. Only expanding the kitchen and bathroom can be humanized! Helpless, the wall between the bathroom and the restaurant is a load-bearing wall &hellip& hellip;

rescue plan I for the long bathroom:

interpretation of the plan: move the washing machine from the side of the washing table to the corner of the toilet and bathtub. This is because if you choose the height of the drum washing machine, it will be inconsistent with the height of the table of the washing table, which will affect the appearance; Secondly, moving here, we can choose the wave wheel washing machine, that is, the one with the cover open on it, which will not affect the operation even if it is placed in the corner. Moreover, when taking a bath, we can take off the dirty clothes and throw them directly into the washing machine, which acts as a dirty clothes storage basket. In this way, the length limit of the bathtub can be relaxed without any restriction, and the bathtub of 1.7m1.8m is no problem

the rain area and the bathtub are integrated, which is relatively difficult to take care of, but fortunately, my husband and I are at home. In the future, there are only a few more children, and the elders of the family should not come here to take a bath, so the sanitation and cleaning problems are still solved. But later, when the soft decoration designer came to see it, he pointed out that since the door of my bathroom is directly facing the sofa in the living room, it is not good to put the toilet directly against the door of the bathroom from the perspective of Feng Shui. (why do soft decoration designers come to visit the site before decoration? This is the advantage of choosing furniture first. You can draw lines first according to the size and placement of furniture, and then design the size and size of hard decoration.)

conclusion: no

rescue plan II for the long bathroom:

interpretation of the plan: the bathtub is placed at the end of the bathroom, under the window. The advantage of this placement is that there is an additional shower room, so you don't have to wash in the bathtub after bathing, and the bathtub is also easier to take care of. As a wall pier in the northwest corner of the bathroom is a load-bearing column that cannot be knocked off, the bathtub must be limited to 1.5m long

after walking around the building materials market with my husband, I found that the 1.5m long bathtub was too small. It was not only small to soak, but also too small to look at. No

final conclusion: no

in fact, it has been changed many times in the deduction process from scheme 1 to scheme 2, and the designer is almost driven crazy, so my husband and I decided to study it by ourselves first. During the study, we saw a lot of good-looking pictures of dry wet separation toilets, combined with an excellent online post analyzing Japan's three separation toilets, so after many modifications, scheme N was born

rescue plan for long strip toilet n:

interpretation of the plan: use the evil flue and divide it into dry areas and wet areas based on it. In this way, when guests come to the house in the future, washing their hands will not affect the continued use of the toilet inside. Moreover, moving the washing machine to the dry area will prolong the service life of electrical appliances and protect the washing machine. As for the appearance, we can make a cabinet for the washing machine separately, so that it can also store things. Or make a wall mounted washing table + semi embedded (or fully embedded) basin, so that the table can be raised and flush with the washing machine. After the washing machine is removed, the toilet can be moved to the corner without facing the door. We are going to make the bathtub fully embedded, which will be better taken care of. Before the bathtub and toilet, we will set up a frosted glass curtain wall, which can block the water spilled during the shower in the bathtub on the one hand, and separate the two areas on the other hand. In this way, we have also become a magical three separate bathroom

it looks very good, but there are still some shortcomings, but it's good to be designed like this. Shortcomings can't hide their shortcomings. You can make do with them. There's no such perfect design, not to mention our anti-human bathroom

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