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With the rise of Internet power, all walks of life have been impacted and marketed by "Internet +", especially for the traditional furniture industry. Then, in the face of the impact of the overall economic downturn in the market and Internet marketing, where is the way out for furniture franchise agents? Can "Internet + furniture" bring disruptive changes to the furniture industry

traditional marketing channels have become a thing of the past

at present, due to various pressures from e-commerce, real estate and so on, especially the real estate industry led by Vanke continues to try the "bag check-in" mode, which continues to encroach on the market of the downstream furniture industry, and the traditional marketing channels of the furniture industry have almost no way to go. Walking on the street, bow heads seem to prefer to focus on the mobile screen, search for nearby popular consumption places, and spend in offline stores with consumption vouchers received on the mobile terminal. It can be said that today's traditional marketing channels are already yesterday's yellow flowers

online sales are invading the market consumer group with the momentum of a whirlwind. In the face of fierce rivals, how can furniture franchising agents work hard in operation to stabilize the terminal market

brand operation can improve core competitiveness

in the sales process, influential brands can bring added value to products and services, and help terminal stores open the local market in a short time. Whether traditional marketing channels or online marketing channels, furniture brands should quickly adapt to the current trend and grasp the dividends of various channels

but it is not easy to operate a brand well. Take the whole house customized brand of Deville as an example. Deville has two production bases with an area of more than 100000 square meters, the world's leading German Haomai production equipment, information-based production lines and excellent management team, as well as the whole house customized products such as wardrobe, cloakroom, bookcase, computer desk, wardrobe sliding door, guest room supporting facilities, bedroom supporting facilities, and its production capacity has always been in the forefront of the industry. Even so, in order to create a new brand influence, Deville set up a new brand center at the beginning of the year, which not only comprehensively upgraded its brands, but also gradually updated its brand image and expanded its service scope in more than 600 stores across the country. In addition, it also used Internet technology to build a new one-stop home improvement service platform and increased the investment in online marketing, It has laid a solid foundation for the whole house customization market that will burst out in the next 3-5 years

as an intangible asset of an enterprise, to give full play to its value, it depends on how an enterprise carries out brand operation. Furniture franchising agents must choose potential furniture brand franchising agents, and cooperate with brands to promote brand operation in the terminal market and establish market reputation in order to win the terminal

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