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Xinhan (China) production line successfully passed UL certification

recently, Xinhan (China), a subsidiary of Xinhan Computer Co., Ltd., successfully passed UL factory system certification in the United States. This UL certification is another important product certification successfully obtained by the production line of Xinhan (China) factory after the European Union Rosh certification, the American FCC certification and the European Union CE certification. This marks the further acceleration of the internationalization of Xinhan (China) new material factory. Its full line of products can meet customer needs and assist in UL certification

American UL agency is an international safety testing agency aimed at improving product quality and safety performance. It has great authority in the industry and is one of the world-famous safety certification agencies. UL certification is very important for any manufacturer who wants to promote products in the U.S. market. It is the golden key to open the door to the U.S. market. At present, Xinhan (China) has successfully passed the UL certification of its network security platform NSA 5230 products according to the needs of customers, which indicates that the products produced by Xinhan (China) have been recognized by international authorities in terms of safety performance, effectively helping customers further develop the international market

at present, Xinhan (China) sells and promotes the following product lines: industrial computing, which was downgraded to industry standard computer solutions (ICS), network security and communication solutions (NCS), mobile computing platform solutions (MCS), digital video monitoring solutions (IDS) and digital multimedia information publishing solutions (MMS) in the packaging industry in 2006. Xinhan China factory can carry out UL certification for the above products according to customer needs

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founded in 1992, Xinhan Computer Co., Ltd., headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, has passed ISO-9001 certification and is one of the members of Intel embedded alliance. Committed to the construction of digital platform, with top technology and strong R & D team, it is active in the market frontier by providing customers with professional products and innovative solutions. Xinhan currently has four business divisions in the world: industrial computer solutions (ICS), digital multimedia information publishing solutions (MMS), mobile computing platform solutions (MCS), and network security and communication solutions (NCS). The products include blade servers, network security devices, industrial embedded computers (single board computers, embedded boards and systems), compact PCI CPU motherboards, industrial server motherboards, customized platforms, etc. Over the years, Xinhan has continuously launched high-quality products that fully comply with the international standards of the industry, provided professional services, and made them more appropriate to the needs of customers. It has won a number of awards and certifications for Solvay company to launch a new type of light stabilizer. In order to better serve global customers, Shinhan has set up branches in the United States, Britain, France, Italy, Germany, China and Japan, with dealers all over the world

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