The newly appointed head of ABB North Asia and Chi

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The new head of ABB North Asia and China Enterprise Communication Department officially took office

China industrial control news: since july1,2012, Yu Zhen, the former senior manager of market communication of ABB China discrete automation and motion control business department and process automation business department, has officially taken up the post of vice president of ABB North Asia and China and enterprise communication department, and proposed to focus on cultivating entrepreneurship, craftsmanship When the awareness and cooperation awareness are over, the buzzer will prompt the person in charge of North Asia and China

Yu Zhen joined ABB in 2001. He has successively performed his duties in ABB China and obtained the surrounding text manufacturing and consumer goods department, automation technology department, discrete automation and motion control business department, process automation business department and other departments. He is responsible for market promotion and communication. He has rich industry experience, integrated communication experience and communication resource management experience

Yu Zhen graduated from Shenzhen University, majoring in British and American literature, and obtained a diploma in management from China Europe International Business School

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