The next innovation battlefield of photovoltaic 3M

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Photovoltaic industry: 3M's next innovation "battlefield"

"don't ask consumers what they want or need, because they don't know."—— 3M company deliberately keeps a distance with consumers in "thinking"; "We have sent more than 7000 technicians to work with consumers in 35 countries to find out what their problems are."—— 3M has always been "stuck" with consumers in "action"

such a "double faced" approach has earned 3M the "nickname" of "innovation fighter". In the past, 3M started in Minnesota in the United States and started from the mining industry. In the following hundred years of development, how did 3M drain the "innovation" blood into enterprise management? How to extend the product line from the old mining industry to every corner of life? Now, facing the hesitant global economic development trend, how will it play the role of innovation fighter

with these doubts, I started a dialogue on "innovation" with yujunxiong, President of 3M Greater China, who has worked in 3M for 43 years

46 core technology platforms

"you are my guest and can't run away." Just sitting down, Yu Junxiong's "joke" revealed the true meaning of 3M's innovation, "what 3M wants is to exceed customers' expectations, and it is outdated to only meet customers' needs."

but how can we exceed customers' expectations? All substances in the world are composed of elements in the chemical periodic table. According to yujunxiong, 3M has a chart similar to the chemical periodic table - 46 core technology platforms. "Tens of thousands of product inventions can be easily worn out and freely combined through 46 technologies on the technology platform, forming endless changes". Therefore, cross field and cross department cooperation can be seen everywhere in 3M

"the vitality of an enterprise is brought about by people. The leadership should have the courage to try new things and break the tradition." 3M, which has removed the shackles of the system, has "stuck" to excellent employees and "incubated" too many innovation stories. Magic mops, traceless hooks, newspaper stickers, screen brightening films, car stickers or building insulation films, reflective signs of highway signs, and even screen optical brightening films used on intelligent models such as computers that stare at them for hours every day and iPhones that you carry with you As long as the five senses reach, 3M products are "full" of them

according to the data, half of the world's population directly or indirectly uses more than 69000 products from 3m every day. In 2011, 35% of 3M's $30billion sales came from newly developed products in the past four years. This proportion is even higher in the Chinese market, reaching nearly 40%

"it is worth mentioning that 3M has a talent retention rate of 94% in China." Yujunxiong claimed that he was also one of those who insisted on staying. "The reason why I am determined to stay here is not only the sense of achievement of watching the team grow up, but also the fact that I see a lot of young people starting from the grass-roots level and now taking charge of their own affairs. This is also the most 'cool' place for me."

15%-20% revenue growth rate

what makes yujunxiong "dark" is the growth rate of the company's performance. Although the global economy is weak and the European debt crisis is raging, many multinational companies in China have returned, and the cost advantage of China's manufacturing industry is gradually weakening. According to yujunxiong, "3M China's growth rate in the first half of the year is slightly slower than that in the past few years, but it still has encouraging growth. The five-year growth target remains the same - maintain a high revenue growth rate of 15%-20% MFR every year."

"under the background of strict real estate regulation and worrying stock market, consumer confidence will indeed be affected." However, in yujunxiong's opinion, the economy is not so bad. Enterprise leaders should not trust their ears and feelings too much. They should use gel eyes to look at the data after a period of time. The numbers will not lie. Yu Junxiong stressed, "although the global economy is getting colder and China's economic growth has slowed down, its increment is still a huge number, and enterprises still have a lot of room for growth."

at present, 3M has opened up the photovoltaic industry as the next innovation "battlefield". In april2011, 3M invested in the construction of production facilities for photovoltaic materials and new energy products in Hefei, Anhui Province, which is 3M's 11th factory in China, with an investment of 1billion yuan

the photovoltaic industry fluctuates greatly, and the shadow of "double anti" in the United States looms over it. However, Yu Junxiong sees this as an opportunity. "The greater the industrial fluctuation, the greater the opportunity. Only large companies can survive this' cold winter 'and see the sun again." Yujunxiong explained, "on the one hand, there is potential demand support from Japan. At present, Japanese enterprises have quickly recovered from the" March 12 "Japanese earthquake; On the other hand, renewable energy will be an important development direction in China. At present, the cost of photovoltaic power generation is still higher than that of crude oil and natural gas. If the costs of taxes and electricity prices are reduced, the development prospect will be unlimited. " Zhonghua glass () Department

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