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In 2018, the national third truck will not be forcibly scrapped! Since the announcement of the upcoming implementation of the national six standard not long ago, many media have been saying that the national three car will be forcibly scrapped soon, and the national three car will not be on the road in 2018, and so on

many car owners see these news, either confused, or in a very bad mood, or want to quickly sell their national third car! Is the national third automobile going to be eliminated immediately? What is the future of Guosan automobile

China's transportation department has changed the regulations on car scrapping before. The new regulations on car scrapping clearly stipulates that the scrapping condition of private cars must be that the driving mileage reaches 600000 kilometers, but now many countries' three cars have not driven 600000 kilometers at all

in addition, the mandatory scrapping period of light goods and large goods is 10 years, but it can be postponed for up to 5 years, so the mandatory scrapping period of the third country truck is neither 8 years nor 10 years, but should be 15 years

the third national standard was implemented in 2008, and the fourth national standard was implemented in 2014 In other words, the first batch of Guosan cars was in 2008, which is 9 years away from now. The last batch of Guosan cars was produced in 2014, which is 3 years away from the characterization of metal mechanical properties. That is to say, the longest and shortest of Guosan diesel cars running on the road are only 9 years old and 3 years old, which is far from the standard of mandatory scrapping for 15 years

the time when the third national diesel will be phased out will be after the official implementation of the sixth national standard in 2020. By that time, most of the national third tier vehicles are close to the mandatory scrapping period, and the vehicle condition will also have major problems, and the value of vehicles will be greatly reduced. Therefore, at this time, it is a reasonable choice to guide some substandard National Third automobile scrapping

in addition, although China has attached great importance to environmental protection in recent years, and China's automobile emission standards have been implemented to the national five standards, it is unlikely that the national third automobile will be forcibly eliminated. After all, the important measures taken by the national third automobile to implement the "national medium and long term scientific and technological development plan program", "guidelines for the development of new material industry" and "made in China 2025" and other major national policies still occupy a very large automobile market, It is obviously impossible to eliminate such a large number of Guosan cars in an instant. Therefore, it is completely a rumor that the national third automobile will be forcibly scrapped in 2018

although the national third car will not be forcibly scrapped in 2018, it will be thrown into the garbage heap, but it may be restricted.

although the national third car policy in 2018 will never be scrapped, now the policy of restricting the national third car has significantly increased, and the traffic range of the national third car is significantly less than before, but the national third car traffic restriction in 2018 may be further expanded

and according to many card friends, now the national third car is restricted everywhere, that is, it is slowly phasing out the national third car. Now many enterprises do not load the national third car, and the national third car that has been running for 8 years does not give environmental testing, so the owner must pay a high price to install DPF. If the exhaust is found to be unqualified on the road, the transportation qualification certificate will be revoked directly

although the national third car will not be forcibly scrapped, now the national third car has begun to be in an awkward situation of being unable to move forward. Many national third car owners have to take the initiative to replace the national third car at a loss in order to continue to survive

imagine that the Guosan car, which has been running for three or four years, will be scrapped in disguise before the capital is earned. Is it too inappropriate to flatten the sample and clamp it in the holder? Are the car owners losing too much

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