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The National Standards Commission plans to formulate standards to control excessive packaging

in view of the upcoming Spring Festival gift consumption tide, the relevant person in charge of the National Standards Commission recently reminded consumers that during the holiday, it is also necessary to divide the equipment into drive system, hydraulic force application system, friction pair, data collection system, advocate conservation, pay attention to environmental protection, and oppose the excessive packaging of goods with their own actions. The relevant person in charge of the National Standards Commission also took the mandatory national standard (GB) for moon cakes, which was implemented since June 1 last year, as an example to warn against excessive packaging

the relevant person in charge of the National Standards Commission further pointed out that the problem of excessive packaging also exists in other products to varying degrees. Such as some health products, wine, tea, aquatic products, etc. For such products, the National Standards Commission is studying specific solutions. For those that should be standardized by standards, we will actively formulate relevant packaging requirements, guide consumers to advocate conservation and rational consumption, and further regulate manufacturers to control excessive packaging and promote the construction of a conservation oriented society. The above is the introduction to the operation process of the tensile testing machine and the classification of sensors shared by you (MA Wensheng)

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