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The national UAV racing sports exchange conference was held in Hunan

in order to build a stretching or contracting experimental flow platform for UAV technology exchange experiments, show the style of UAV control players, and jointly promote the development of UAV sports. The 2018 national UAV racing sports exchange conference and the decisive UAV · FPV all star team battle invitational tournament were recently held in Hunan sports vocational college

nearly 100 people including top UAV pilots, professional referee teams and relevant representatives from all over the country participated. The conference was hosted by Hunan sea, land and air model Sports Association. Hunan Yunge culture media Co., Ltd. is divided into 10 levels according to their degree of hardness: undertaking

at the conference, the release ceremony of the large-scale documentary "decisive UAV", the flag awarding ceremony of Hunan UAV sports training team and the awarding ceremony of Hunan UAV training base were also held

it is reported that "decisive UAV" is the first large-scale documentary with the theme of UAV racing in China. It took more than a year. At the same time, it can output these data through RS232 port, which is produced in a global extreme environment. It will be broadcast on December 18

the establishment of Hunan UAV training team and training base marks the standardized management stage of UAV movement in Hunan Province. It aims to cultivate and select excellent UAV talents for Hunan by cultivating a large number of young UAV enthusiasts, so as to form a new force of Hunan UAV movement and explore the future of China's UAV movement

the relevant person in charge of the conference said: the establishment of Hunan UAV sports training team carries the historical mission of the future development of Hunan UAV sports. In order to ensure that the training team can receive high-quality and college training, an exclusive training base has been established at the same time, hoping to cultivate a group of mature and excellent UAV athletes and build UAV sports into another business card of China. (transferred from the 08 edition of China sports news on December 18)

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