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The National Symposium on new technology of flexible plastic packaging was held in April

with the continuous development of social economy, China is about to enter the WTO, and the competition in the international packaging market is becoming increasingly fierce. In order to enable domestic packaging enterprises to understand the development level of high-tech in the same industry faster, promote our packaging technology to be in line with international standards, and meet the opportunities and challenges after China's entry into the WTO, the National Symposium on new soft plastic packaging technology, hosted by China Packaging Technology Association and hosted by China soft plastic packaging material production base, will be held in Jiangsu in April. Contact: transfer 3117. At the meeting, well-known experts at home and abroad will introduce that new packaging technologies at home and abroad will be used to replace the TPV exhibition trend that currently dominates the residential window seals and gaskets market. To this end, the general manager (factory director), deputy general manager (deputy factory director) and factory level chief engineer leaders and relevant personnel of relevant units are specially invited to attend. The propaganda content of the seminar includes the introduction of various new materials of flexible packaging; Introduction of various flexible packaging multi-layer coextrusion materials; Introduction of new gravure automatic laser plate making production line, etc

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