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The national wind power engineering coating protection research office is located in Yongxin

the national wind power engineering coating protection research office is located in Yongxin, Northwest China. Recently, the national wind power engineering technology research center "coating and coating protection research office" was officially inaugurated in Gansu northwest Yongxin group. According to experts, as a branch of the national wind power engineering research center approved by the Ministry of science and technology, its construction and operation will play a positive role in tackling key technical problems in the field of wind power coatings in China, the industrialization of wind power technology research and development achievements, and promoting the rapid development of wind power industry with low temperature assumption. The establishment of this professional scientific research institution is of milestone significance for breaking the monopoly of foreign products, promoting the localization process of supporting coatings for China's wind power industry facilities, accelerating the development of China's wind power coating industry, and promoting the development of China's national coating industry. The national wind power coating and coating protection laboratory established this time is subordinate to the national wind power engineering technology research center. Relying on Northwest Yongxin Chemical Co., Ltd., the Research Office aims at the international advanced level and carries out research and development work on the localization, systematization and characterization of protective coatings and coatings for wind power generation equipment. Different from the previous new scientific research platforms, with the promotion of the national wind power engineering technology research center, at the beginning of the establishment of the "coating and coating protection research room", northwest Yongxin has launched strategic cooperation with Xinjiang Goldwind technology company, the largest wind power technology and equipment R & D and manufacturing enterprise in China at present, and initially formed a new model of effective docking between R & D achievements and the market, It has played a demonstration and driving role for the localization and application of wind power coatings, and actively promoted the beneficial attempt of technological innovation in the research of wind power coatings and coating protection

according to experts, with the rapid development of the domestic wind power industry, relevant experts preliminarily predict that in the domestic wind power market, only tower and blade coating will need about 7billion yuan in the next 10 years. At present, almost all of them are monopolized by foreign brands. As far as Gansu Province is concerned, according to the province's 2000 plan to develop and utilize the rich resources of 10000 kW wind power installation in various ways, the coating demand is expected to be about 1billion yuan, and the wind power coating market has great potential. Accelerating the R & D and application of domestic wind power coatings is not only related to the steady development of the wind power industry, but also bound to lay the foundation for domestic related enterprises to win a place in the industry. It is no accident that the national wind power engineering technology research center relies on Northwest Yongxin to build a scientific research platform this time. As an excellent coating enterprise with 45 years of professional experience, northwest Yongxin company actively participated in the coating of Yumen wind farm as early as 10 years ago. After continuous research in recent years, it has successfully developed new wind power coating products with wind erosion resistance, ice resistance and good low-temperature coating performance, It has broken the technical and market barriers of foreign brands, and its main performance indicators have reached or exceeded similar foreign brands. It has achieved major breakthroughs in product design and manufacturing technology, filled the gap in the field of domestic coatings, and its performance has reached the international advanced level. At the unveiling ceremony, Kang Haijun, chairman of Northwest Yongxin, said that the group's scientific research projects on coatings and painting were targeted. China has a vast territory and diverse climate, and foreign coatings entering the domestic market face the current situation of "acclimatization" and are not suitable for the domestic Sandy and arid environment. In this regard, the research laboratory has carried out research on the wind and sand erosion resistance, ultraviolet protection in the northwest and anti icing and salt fog resistance in the southwest and coastal areas, and combined with the products of Goldwind technology company to transform achievements and promote them to the market

Zhang Lianbing, executive deputy director of the national wind power engineering technology research center, said that the newly established coating laboratory will focus on studying the coating technology of wind turbine towers in different regions and under different climatic conditions, especially the coating technology of towers under the conditions of Northwest sandstorm, high temperature and extreme low temperature. Northwest Yongxin is one of the few excellent enterprises in China's coating industry. It is believed that the combination of Northwest Yongxin and wind power will bring new hope to the development of China's national wind power coating industry. In addition, China's wind power coating market has completed experiments on stretching, tightening, twists and turns, bending resistance and other materials, and the monopoly of foreign brands has been broken. According to experts, northwest Yongxin Chemical Co., Ltd. recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Xinjiang Goldwind Technology Co., Ltd., the largest wind power equipment manufacturer in China. Xinjiang Jinfeng said that this year, it will take the lead in using the experimental function of wind power coatings produced by Northwest Yongxin. This marks that the situation of foreign brands dominating the wind power coating market in China has finally been broken. Lihuaming, chief engineer of Yongxin in Northwest China, said that large-scale wind farm construction is being carried out in Northwest China, while the severe sandstorm and abnormal climate change in Northwest China have led to the acclimatization of foreign wind power coatings. To this end, northwest Yongxin has carried out the research and development of wind power coatings suitable for China's climate environment since 2000. At present, a relatively complete product system has been formed. The test shows that the tower coating developed by Northwest Yongxin can well adapt to the marine and inland wind and sand cold and dry climate environment, and the paint film has good UV resistance, wind and sand erosion resistance and corrosion resistance; The blade coating has good adhesion, wear resistance, weather resistance and good anti icing performance, and its main performance indicators reach or exceed similar foreign brands

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