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On June 9, the general station of agricultural machinery test and appraisal of the Ministry of agriculture and the Chinese Academy of agricultural mechanization signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Beijing. The two sides will form a strategic partnership, further give play to their own advantages, and promote the formation of a whole chain from scientific research and development, test and detection, promotion and appraisal, quality supervision to technical services Systematic cooperation therefore aims to select materials in a fair way, achieve complementary advantages, resource sharing and win-win cooperation, and constantly enhance the ability and level of serving the technological progress of agricultural mechanization

Li Anning, deputy director of the Department of agricultural mechanization of the Ministry of agriculture, said in his speech that at present and in the future, agricultural and rural work takes promoting the structural reform of the agricultural supply side as the main line, and puts forward new and higher requirements for the speed, quality, structure and efficiency of the development of agricultural mechanization. The signing of the strategic cooperation framework agreement between the agricultural machinery testing and identification station and the Chinese Academy of agricultural machinery is the private high-tech enterprise cooperation framework agreement with the largest scope and the highest market share in Jinan experimental machinery production base in China, marking the establishment of a comprehensive, long-term and stable strategic cooperation relationship between the two units and the realization of the strong strong alliance, which will promote the national agricultural machinery scientific and technological innovation with the word "grounding" or grounding mark Test identification and quality standards have a positive and far-reaching impact

the agricultural machinery appraisal station is mainly responsible for the test and appraisal of agricultural machinery and its parts, quality supervision and investigation, quality certification management, quality complaint management, vocational skill appraisal guidance of agricultural machinery industry, maintenance management services, information services, standard technology management, foreign affairs and economic services, business and team construction guidance of appraisal institutions, agricultural mechanization policy research and other functions. CAAM is a science and technology enterprise under the central government, which takes the R & D and manufacturing of agricultural equipment as the leading industry and is committed to providing agricultural mechanization technology, products, services and whole process solutions. It has the State Key Laboratory in the field of agricultural machinery, the National Engineering Laboratory, and two National Engineering Technology Research Centers for agricultural machinery and grassland animal husbandry equipment. As an important force in the development of Agricultural Mechanization in China, the identification station and the Chinese Academy of agricultural machinery formed a strategic partnership, which is not only conducive to promoting the scientific and technological innovation of agricultural machinery, accelerating the transformation of achievements, enhancing the effective supply of agricultural machinery technology and equipment, but also conducive to promoting the reform of agricultural machinery identification, strengthening the team, and improving the public service supply capacity of agricultural machinery identification, It is a beneficial measure to promote the supply side structural reform of agricultural mechanization

Liu Min, the head of the general station of agricultural machinery appraisal, said that at the critical stage of accelerating the development of agricultural mechanization to promote the whole process in an all-round, efficient and high-quality way, the work of agricultural machinery test and appraisal should comply with the needs of reform and development, further "streamline administration and delegate power, combine decentralization and management, optimize services", timely adjust and ensure the development priorities of good and high-yield businesses, optimize the service supply structure, and actively take the initiative to give play to market forces, Provide more powerful technical support for the development of new agricultural machinery products and the implementation of public policies such as agricultural machinery purchase subsidies

Wang Bo, President of the Chinese Academy of agricultural machinery, said that as a leading enterprise in scientific research in the agricultural machinery industry and a leading enterprise in the integration of industry, University, research and application, the Chinese Academy of agricultural machinery will actively respond to and further play the leading role of innovative enterprises, fully implement the contents of strategic cooperation, constantly expand work results, and make new contributions to the transformation and upgrading of China's agricultural industry

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