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National standard packaging machinery terminology (I)

I Main content and scope of application this standard specifies the general terms and definitions of packaging machinery

this standard is applicable to the design, production, circulation, use, supervision and inspection of packaging machinery

II General terms

1 Packaging machinery

complete all or part of the packaging, although protein allergy forces the manufacturing raw materials of the product to be changed from NR latex to NBR latex process The packaging process includes forming, filling, sealing, wrapping and other main packaging processes, as well as cleaning, drying, sterilization, labeling, bundling, containerization, disassembly and other pre and post packaging processes, transfer, sorting and other auxiliary packaging processes

2. Automatic packaging machine is generally divided into semi-automatic packaging machine and full-automatic packaging machine A machine that supplies packaging materials (containers) and contents manually but can automatically complete other packaging processes is called a semi-automatic packaging machine The machine that automatically completes the main packaging process and other auxiliary packaging processes is called full-automatic packaging machine

3. Automatic packaging line automatic packaging line

a continuous packaging system connected by several automatic packaging machines The automatic packaging line can also include other machines or equipment that are not packaging machinery

4 Special purpose packaging machine

a machine specially used for packaging certain products

5. Multi purpose packaging machine

a machine used to pack more than two different types of products by changing or adjusting the relevant mechanism

6. Universal packaging machine

is applicable to machines that pack two or more different types of products within the specified range

7 Packaging machinery effective operation time

the sum of the trouble free working time of packaging machinery

8. Packaging machine stop time

the total time of downtime or productivity reduction caused by the failure of the packaging machine itself

9. General operation time of packaging machinery

sum of effective operation time and failure time of packaging machinery

10 Packaging machine production time

the sum of the effective running time, loading time, inspection time and all failure time of the packaging machine

11. Packaging machine change time

the total time for packaging machinery or packaging production line to change packaging containers, packaging dimensions, contents or filling volume

12. Setting production capacity of packaging machinery deepening international cooperation in intelligent manufacturing ng machinery adjust production power

theoretical production capacity of packaging machinery per unit time It can be achieved by adjusting the working speed, trouble free operation and all start-up time The maximum set production capacity of packaging machinery must be equal to its rated production capacity

13. Packaging machine rated production power

packaging machine rated production power per unit time It is achieved through ideal packaging containers, packaging materials, contents, environmental conditions and skilled operators

14. Packaging machine valid production power

the number of products produced per unit time by 3D printing catheter machines such as packaging machines in general operation time

15. Packaging machine productivity

the number of products produced by packaging machine in normal state in unit production time

16. Packaging machine effective coefficient

ratio of effective production capacity to production capacity

III Filling machine terminology

1 Filling machine

a machine that fills a predetermined amount of products into a packaging container

2. Volumetric filling machine fixture is a combination of these structures e

a machine that fills products into packaging containers according to the predetermined capacity

3 Measuring cup filling machine

a machine that uses a quantitative measuring cup to measure products and fill them into packaging containers

4 Adjustable volume filling machine

it adopts a measuring cup that can automatically adjust the volume with the change of product capacity to measure the product and fill it into the packaging container

5. Stream type filling machine

a machine that uses the principle of vacuum powder absorption to measure the product with a fixed volume and uses purified compressed air to fill the product into the packaging container

6. Piston type filling machine

a machine that uses a plunger barrel with adjustable plunger stroke to change the product capacity to measure products and fill them into packaging containers According to the delivery form of packaging container, it is divided into linear type and rotary type

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