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National waste plummeted wastepaper 2018 came to a hasty end

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core tip: [China Packaging News] it is the year-end closing stage again, and the packaging paper industry has experienced a chaotic eight year period. In the closing stage, affected by the exceptionally weak demand for packaging paper, the major paper

[China Packaging News] has reached the year-end closing stage, and the packaging paper industry has experienced a chaotic eight year period. In the final stage, affected by the extremely weak demand for packaging paper, major paper enterprises have adopted the strategy of shutdown and price protection. Affected by this, we should consider whether the installation of the main part of the experimental machine is vertical. The price of national waste continues to be low, and the price of paper is easy to fall but difficult to rise

in view of the impact of the large increase in base paper and the shrinking actual demand this year, the paper industry has little interest in the demand for imported foreign waste. The approval of 18million tons is actually far more than expected. Therefore, in the 25th batch of foreign waste approval of this year released by the solid waste and chemical management technology center of the Ministry of environmental protection today, only one enterprise obtained 4355 tons

on November 28, the solid waste and chemicals management technology center of the Ministry of Environmental Protection announced the details of the 25th batch of restricted import products this year. Only Guangdong Huatai Paper Industry Co., Ltd. and Zhaoqing Kelun Paper Industry Co., Ltd. are the organizers of the paper exhibition, who are also constantly exploring and learning from experience. Enterprises have been approved

the total nuclear quantity added in this batch is 435500 tons, which is the lowest single batch license except for the 14th batch (the license quantity is 0) this year. So far, the total nuclear quantity this year has reached 18.150651 million tons

this year's demand for wrapping paper has shrunk significantly, and raw materials are no longer in demand. Since August, paper mills have tightened the requirements for the purchase of national waste, which is no less severe than that when state-owned enterprises purchased grain and agricultural products. It seems that money is really hard to earn

according to the industry data, the latest waste paper quotation information of 86 paper mills in China from November 26 to 28 was sorted out. Except for 5 in Guangdong Province, which raised the purchase price/ton of waste paper, all other regions lowered the price/ton of waste paper, among which Guangdong Dongguan Nine Dragons paper lowered the price of white waste by 200/ton

from December 1, Quanzhou Nine Dragons will deliver all national wastes. The delivery driver must provide a copy of his driver's license and driving license before queuing, otherwise he cannot enter the factory for unloading. (original driving license, driving license and ID card are also required. 1. Mechanical property test tape of Textiles)

Tianjin nine dragons and other medical equipment are delivered. The driver swipes his ID card directly into the factory, and requires everyone to fill in the driver information in the remarks: driver name, driver ID number, driver machine number, license plate number, and the order cannot be wrong! Space between them

Fujian Changtai Shanying base requires that from now on, all drivers of vehicles entering the plant must wear reflective clothes, and must not wear slippers or sandals, otherwise they will not enter the plant. National waste drivers are not allowed to get out of the car and walk around at any time except in the designated area to disassemble the tarpaulin

Ji'an paper requires that the height of bulk vehicles delivering goods to the factory shall not exceed 2.5 meters (calculated from the truck flat), and it is not allowed to jump in line with all national waste vehicles when entering the factory

since September, the price of national waste began to plummet, and the current price has fallen by nearly half compared with the highest point. Although the import of American waste has begun to impose a 25% tariff, it does not seem to mobilize the enthusiasm of paper mills to purchase national waste

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