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The carton industry must change from the development quantity to the development quality

the development quantity to the development quality

recently, the global issue of Shanghai "paper packaging industry" magazine reported: Hubei Jingshan light machinery restructuring. It is said that Jingshan light machinery is vigorously developing paper machinery. This is a timely, farsighted and wise measure taken by Jingshan light machinery

Jingshan Light Machinery Co., Ltd. is a barometer of China's carton industry, because the carton machinery manufactured by Jingshan Light Machinery Co., Ltd. provides 70% coverage to China's carton manufacturing enterprises. During the "Ninth Five Year Plan" and "Tenth Five Year Plan" in China, it is not only the golden development period of China's carton industry, but also the peak period of growth of Jingshan light machinery manufacturing Carton production line. We often see large advertisements in China Packaging News: Jingshan Light Machinery Co., Ltd. ranks first in the world sales volume, and Jingshan Light Machinery Co., Ltd. will always strive for the first

in 2004, Jingshan light machinery sales and production lines reached 258, which is a great number. We should highly evaluate the great contribution made by Jingshan light machinery to the rapid development of cartons in China. The annual sales volume of Jingshan light machinery production line ranks first in the world, which is worthy of the name. The 20 month sales volume of Jingshan light machinery is equivalent to the total volume of Japanese production lines (400), the 30 month sales volume exceeds the total volume of American production lines (600), and the 40 month sales volume reaches the total volume of European (23 countries) production lines (800). There are 4000 cardboard production lines in China, and the number of Jingshan light machinery accounts for 2800. The corrugated board processed by 4000 lines in China was 15.8 billion square meters in 2003, with an average of 3.95 million square meters per line. The corrugated board produced by 600 lines in the United States was 41.2 billion square meters in 2003, with an average of 68.66 million square meters per line. Calculated by 3 yuan per square meter of both parties, the average annual output value of China's production line is more than 10 million yuan, and that of the United States is more than 200 million yuan, a difference of 20 times

at present, China's carton production line has a surplus of 2/3-3/5. According to 4000 lines, there are 2500 more, of which Jingshan light machinery line (70%) accounts for more than 1700. At present, China's carton production is in the situation of increasing production without increasing income, and some enterprises are at a loss, which is called "tragic growth" in economics, and the tragic growth will be difficult to maintain

it can be seen that China's carton industry has reached the time to thoroughly reflect and effectively change the mode of economic growth, and must change from the development of quantity to the development of quality

large scale enterprises develop into healthy enterprises

in the development process of carton enterprises, many bosses want to expand the enterprise and become large-scale enterprises after gaining power. But what is scale enterprise? It's all vague, but I feel bigger and bigger. Some people divide carton manufacturing enterprises into three levels (factories): first level (factory) papermaking and carton making; The second level (factory) not only produces cardboard as cartons, but also supplies cardboard to small factories to process cartons; Level 3 (factory) does not produce cardboard, only cartons

tier one and tier two enterprises have production lines, so is there a production line or a large-scale enterprise? not always. Production line enterprises are also very different. I think there are few real scale enterprises in China. For example, there are two or three lines with an output value of more than 100million yuan, and some seven or eight lines specialize in cardboard with an output value of more than 200million yuan. It is not necessarily a large-scale enterprise. Japan's 100 person enterprise, doing 200 million, is not a big enterprise. We do 100 million or 200 million, and the enterprise seems to be terrible. In fact, many so-called large-scale enterprises of 100 million or 200 million, living in our non-standard market environment, often have "diseases", and life is difficult! Sometimes it happens. Today it is very famous, and tomorrow it will plummet

for example, "Changfeng" in Changzhou, Jiangsu Province, was the first to introduce the Italian seven ply paperboard production line, becoming the largest enterprise in Jiangsu Province. Later, it entered Taiwan's 2.2-meter wide production line, with an output value of more than 100 million yuan and a profit of more than 10 million yuan. It can be described as a well-off enterprise. In the new century, in order to further expand the scale of the enterprise, we invested more than 30 million US dollars (250million yuan), acquired 120 mu of land, and introduced the super AAA ultra heavy paperboard production line from Italy, which is known as the first in Asia. What is the result? After being put into operation for one year, the original annual output value was more than 100million yuan, and the new production value was more than 100million yuan. The original output value of more than 100million yuan still had more than 10 million profits. The newly put into operation value was more than 100million yuan, but it lost more than 10 million yuan (paying bank interest would cost more than 10 million yuan). There was a cash flow barrier, the enterprise could not get along, and it ended its life in only one year. As a result, it was merged by Japanese capital

Wang Zhiming, a Japanese funded Tenai, has adopted "weight loss", "slimming" and "bodybuilding" for enterprises, turning redundant real estate such as old equipment, old plants and huge new plants into cash flow, and at the same time increasing the development of foreign markets. In this way, cash flow is like blood circulation in the human body, revitalizing dying large-scale enterprises for three years. Last year, Tenai Wang's annual output value was only more than 100million yuan, There are more enterprises around than today's King Tenai

let's take another case of Chongqing carton industry: Chongqing Hongqi carton factory took the lead in introducing a full set of production lines and printing equipment from Japan in the early 1980s, and suddenly formed a large-scale enterprise. Hongqi fluttered for ten years. By the mid-1990s, Hongqi changed to Huaya, and introduced more advanced wide double arch seven ply line from the United States. It also received billion yuan in the stock market, becoming an aristocratic enterprise with an open market, After the enterprise climbed to the peak, it began to decline. 1 Keep the whole material testing machine clean and uncontrollable. In the end, it's not starvation, it's sustenance. Objectively speaking, Chongqing's carton industry has increased from 20 production lines to more than 40 lines in just three to five years after entering the new century. These new private enterprises have carried out a comprehensive siege on "Huaya" large enterprises. No matter how good the weapons and equipment of "Huaya" can stop the front and back attacks, it has finally fallen to the tragic situation of shutdown and bankruptcy

the Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee proposed to change the concept of development. We should integrate reality, summarize the past and eliminate old ideas. We can't always dream of large-scale enterprises in our minds. We should be a clear, comprehensive and healthy enterprise

with the development of carton industry in economically developed areas in China, many enterprises blindly pursue scale, put on airs, show off their wealth, and compare with each other. After the expansion of enterprises, they have accumulated some funds (most of them have made money through restructuring), opened development zones and industrial parks, built buildings and put on large lines, occupying a large area of land and desolate more than half. I visited Japanese carton manufacturing enterprises in the 1980s. It can be said that they are not as foreign-style as our current enterprises, but our enterprises are beautiful outside and empty inside, which is incomparable with the quality of Japanese enterprises. When it comes to quality, our carton manufacturing enterprises have been calling for quality first for decades. This quality refers to the quality of carton products. They believe that the development of enterprises depends on product quality. In fact, cartons are rough processed products, not high-tech cutting-edge products. In the final analysis, what kind of equipment produces what kind of product quality. The old concept of enterprise development must be changed. The central government proposed to improve the quality of development. To have a comprehensive and correct understanding, I believe that improving the quality of development is a new requirement for the development of enterprises. Enterprises should be comprehensive, scientific, healthy and sustainable development, and be an ethical and socially responsible comprehensive and healthy enterprise

extensive mode to energy-saving fine reform

China's economic growth is an extensive mode to detect the internal structure of metal. The growth of carton industry is a typical extensive mode. The Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee proposed an innovative development mode, which is to reform the extensive mode of carton production in line with the reality of China's carton industry. The communique of the Fifth Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee proposed a hard target, that is, in the next five years, the GDP in 2010 will double that of 2000, and the energy consumption will be reduced by about 20% compared with that at the end of the Tenth Five Year Plan (2005). Reducing the energy consumption of cartons from next year is a major event related to the survival of enterprises. One day, the energy consumption of enterprises will not be reduced to the standard level. Sorry, please close it, just like rectifying and closing small coal mines, small paper mills and small cement plants, we should take it seriously

the energy consumption of carton production in China is high, while many of our enterprise leaders lack energy awareness, and some do not have energy awareness. They think I have money and do things with money. What energy is not energy? This year, I accompanied an energy-saving equipment enterprise to some paper production enterprises to promote coal and water conservation. Many enterprises consumed raw materials. In the past, the gram weight consumption of base paper commonly used was three times that of developed countries. We used more than 300 grams of base paper to process Cartons, while foreign countries used 100 grams of base paper. In recent years, it has been improved, but it has not yet reached the standard. More seriously, Japan and the United States account for more than 80% of three-layer cartons, while China's five layer cartons account for 75% - 80%. This is high consumption. China's carton manufacturing enterprises are still indifferent to such high consumption. Corrugated cardboard produced in Japan is fully utilized, 60% of which is used for cartoning, and 40% of which is used for developing other products, which is called diversification. In China, corrugated cardboard is only made into cartons, which is simplified. At the same time, the coal, electric fuel and power consumption used in processing cartons should be reduced

the extensive energy consumption of carton processing industry must be reformed to meet the fine requirements of foreign countries

in accordance with the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee, we must have a high awareness of the seriousness of resource consumption and remain highly vigilant. China's resources are particularly scarce, and the per capita resources are only equivalent to 1/5-1/3 of the world's per capita level. Without changing the situation of resource import, China's economic growth and enterprise development cannot be maintained. The serious problem of the extensive economic growth and the extensive mode of enterprise development in China is the consumption of resources. Especially for our carton processing products, the scissors difference with the resource crystal is a double-edged sword, which makes us passive. The shortage of resources is a worldwide problem. China's imported resources are often affected by international price increases. As the price of resources rises, the raw and auxiliary materials used in our cartons also rise, but the price of cartons cannot rise. Why not? It is not the users who can solve the problem of backward production capacity in the past, but the unfair price cutting competition within our industry

therefore, when exploring the new development path of plastic granulator technology, energy directly affects the profits of cartons. Now cartons in some regions have entered a dangerous situation. In recent years, we often hear business owners complain about the rising price of paper. In fact, it is wrong and unreasonable. The rise in the price of paper is due to the rise in the price of resource products for paper production, so the rise in the price of paper is reasonable. The price of cartons cannot rise, which has nothing to do with the rise in the price of paper. Why can't the carton price rise? Fundamentally speaking, the high energy consumption of cartons and the serious overproduction of cartons have become fatal contradictions in China's economically developed regions. The cartons produced in Shenyang, which I recently learned, are another phenomenon. There are few production lines there. One company uses a single-sided machine, and then changed to a three-layer line. The annual output value is more than 10 million yuan, and the profit is more than 15%. Another paper mill has set up a production line, specialized in processing paperboard and made a fortune. This situation is impossible in our carton industry in the Yangtze River Delta

"the Eleventh Five Year Plan" - the next five years, is a critical period for China's reform and development, and also a new starting point for China's cartons to get out of difficulties and rush to a world power. We must integrate our thoughts and actions into the spirit of the Fifth Plenary Session of the 16th CPC Central Committee and fulfill our historical mission in a down-to-earth manner: changing the concept of development and reforming the extensive model; Improve the quality of development and become a healthy enterprise; Reduce resource consumption and achieve balanced development

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