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Yingde CNC quenching machine tool manufacturing process recommendation [Zhangjiagang Changhong Electric Technology Co., Ltd.]

Yingde CNC quenching machine tool manufacturing process recommendation [Zhangjiagang Changhong Electric Technology Co., Ltd.] ch

Zhangjiagang Changhong Electric Technology Co., Ltd.

Changhong electric can make graphics display technical products at the best scale. Zhangjiagang specializes in providing high-frequency induction heating equipment_ Zhangjiagang medium frequency induction heating equipment_ Zhangjiagang ultra audio frequency induction heating equipment_ Zhangjiagang CNC plastic granulator equipment has a very serious environmental pollution. Quenching machine tools. Zhangjiagang Changhong Electric Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, design of ultra audio frequency induction heating equipment, production of high-frequency induction heating equipment, processing, sales, installation and maintenance services of IGBT medium frequency induction heating equipment. The company constantly injects fresh blood and pays attention to the introduction of management and technical talents. Among them, management personnel account for 10%, engineering and technical personnel account for 30%, and more than 10 senior engineers. The company has a sound scientific research and development, process design and pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales service system. It enjoys a high reputation in the industry with professional and dedicated quality. The company specializes in the production of IGBT ultra audio, IGBT solid-state medium frequency, MOSFET solid-state high-frequency induction heating equipment series, as well as PC steel bar production line, long shaft, tooth bar quenching and tempering production line, vibrating disk short bar automatic feeding machine, CNC quenching machine tool and other series of products. With its excellent quality and low price, energy conservation and environmental protection and perfect supporting services, it is widely used in metallurgy, machinery, electronics, building materials, automobile manufacturing and other industries. It has become an important equipment in metal diathermy, quenching, sintering, smelting and other production lines, and has made great contributions to our customers to improve product quality and production efficiency, reduce production costs, save electricity, protect the environment and improve the working environment

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the secondary purpose of annealing is to make the external structure of metal reach or just reach the equilibrium shape, and prepare for subsequent processing and final heat treatment. Stress relief annealing is an annealing process that stops to eliminate the residual stress in castings formed by plastic deformation, processing, welding, etc. There is internal stress outside the workpiece after forging, casting, welding and cutting. If it is not eliminated in time, the workpiece will deform in the process of processing and application. It is very suitable for interior insulation in the soil covering of roof, ground and basement wall to affect the accuracy of the workpiece. It is very important to eliminate the internal stress produced in the processing process by stress relief annealing. The heating temperature of stress relief annealing is lower than the phase transition temperature. Annealing: pearlite transformation occurs in the annealing process, and no structural transformation occurs in the whole heat treatment process

Shanghai Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. manufactures and sells high-frequency electromagnetic induction heating equipment, which has three types: Ultra audio frequency, medium frequency and ultra-high frequency. The power level of ultra audio frequency ranges from 3KW to 200kW. 3KW is mainly used in the heat sleeve of industrial infusion pipes. 15kw is widely used in the welding, heating, quenching, annealing, etc. of metal parts. The use of equipment above 15kw for considerable gold waste treatment was originally a major problem for us, which belongs to workpiece induction heating, quenching, annealing, Brazing. Medium frequency equipment is often used for forging, heating and smelting various metals. Description and purification of non-metallic and material substances. UHF is used for heating small workpieces, welding, surface quenching of shafts and other workpieces

the deep hardening layer (3~5mm) is suitable for parts that accept distortion and pressure load, such as crankshaft and big gear, Grinding machine spindle, etc. (the data used are 45 steel, 40Cr, 9mn2v and nodular graphite. In short, the biggest difference between high-frequency quenching and medium-frequency quenching can be the difference in heating thickness. High-frequency quenching can harden the surface layer in a short time, the crystal arrangement is very fine, the structural deformation is small, and the external surface stress of medium-frequency is smaller than that of high-frequency.

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