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Introduction: Alan wroblaski, product manager of Linear System Department of Danaher transmission company, is mainly responsible for the integration of Warner electric and Thomson industrial linear actuator product lines, as well as the development of linear products such as Danaher transmission linear slide rail bench and industrial/precision/rodless actuators. Hakan P ...

alan wroblaski, product manager of Linear System Department of Danaher transmission company, is mainly responsible for the integration of Warner electric and Thomson industrial linear actuator product lines, as well as the development of linear products such as Danaher transmission linear slide rail bench and industrial/precision/rodless actuator

hakan Persson, product manager of Danaher transmission company, is responsible for managing the marketing and sales of actuators and screw jacks based on the national standard gb/t229 ⑵ 007 metallic Charpy Notch Impact test method. Hakan has rich experience in actuator product development and is also a customer service expert

At the end of November 2005, Alan and Hakan came to China for the first time. During the two-week busy trip to China, they participated in the 2005 Asia international logistics technology and transportation system exhibition and introduced Danaher transmission's globally leading motion control system and solutions to Chinese users; They had a taste of China's vast territory and abundant resources, shuttled between the north and the south, visited many domestic construction machinery manufacturers, and learned about China's non highway equipment market. Of course, their main task is to promote their proud Danaher transmission technology in China

AC drive system, a new favorite of forklift industry, is a technology developed in the 1990s. At present, there are few manufacturers that can provide AC drive system in the world. Among them, Danaher transmission company of the United States is famous for providing full system integration solutions for AC driven forklifts. In 1996, Danaher transmission company, which has always been a world leader in the development of low-voltage AC motion control technology, took the lead in launching the first generation of 48 V AC motor and drive system for traction and lifting. Some outsourcing enterprises only master the cylinder size system, and lead the forklift market with direct AC conversion technology. The AC drive system of Danaher transmission includes steering drive system, traction drive, lifting drive, traction motor, lifting motor, 6. The indication error of experimental force: ≤ ± 0.5% of the indication value; Guidance device, vehicle master controller, display, brake and other modules. With its smooth operation, excellent low-speed characteristics and excellent seamless commutation performance, the product has been highly respected since its inception

foreign forklift enterprises have begun to develop and produce AC driven forklifts since 1996. Now they have been in mass production and are in a stable stage of development. Almost all the world's top forklift enterprises have adopted the AC drive system of Danaher transmission to design and produce their own unique electric forklifts, including BT and atlet in Sweden, Rocla in Finland, yonghengli and Wagner in Germany, NACO group in the United States (producing Hester and Yale forklifts), crown, airtrax, Raymond in the United States, Toyota and Komatsu in Japan, etc. Nowadays, more and more forklift enterprises are optimistic about the market prospect of AC drive system forklift, constantly introducing new models and strongly recommending them to users, and regard them as another weapon to win in the increasingly fierce market competition

due to a good understanding of the needs of major manufacturers and end users in the global forklift industry, the motion control system of Danaher transmission has excellent efficiency, durability, reliability, safety, running stability and excellent driving comfort. By using Danaher transmission system, forklift manufacturers will benefit from the whole production chain and product life cycle and realize self appreciation. Moreover, as a system integrator, Danaher transmission can also provide customized integrated system product engineering design and system application support, so as to reduce the development cost of forklift manufacturers and shorten the time to market. In addition, the remote wireless service and diagnosis function of Danaher transmission also reduces vehicle maintenance and downtime. For end users, forklifts equipped with Danaher drive system have not only high production efficiency, but also low operation cost and high reliability

with the application of new electronic devices and high-performance microprocessors and the development of control technology, the cost performance of the controller is getting higher and smaller. As the future development direction of technology, Danaher transmission is further developing the high-performance permanent magnet AC motor (PMAC motor) for application in the field of electric forklifts. The efficiency of PMAC motor is 10% - 15% higher than that of induction motor, and its volume and mass are smaller, and it has no shortcomings such as commutator and carbon brush of DC motor. At present, due to the high cost of permanent magnet materials required by this kind of drive system, it is only used in low-power electric vehicles. However, permanent magnet synchronous motor will be the next development direction of electric vehicle motor

technical upgrading of off highway motor equipment - electromechanical actuator

in the design of off highway equipment, such problems are often encountered, that is, how to reduce vehicle mass, improve efficiency, reduce fuel consumption, and prevent leakage and overflow to avoid harming the environment. More importantly, it is necessary to simplify the system and reduce installation and maintenance costs. Replacing the hydraulic system with electromechanical actuator is the way for Danaher transmission to solve these problems - it can enable off-road motor vehicles to obtain automation performance that cannot be achieved by hydraulic system

the revolutionary Thomson electromechanical linear actuator of Danaher transmission can not only support the batteries currently used in most off-road equipment, but also has great advantages in volume, performance, quality, speed, safety, cost, maintenance and environmental protection compared with hydraulic motor vehicles with the same power

the structure is simpler. First, the electromechanical system is much simpler than the corresponding hydraulic system. A basic electromechanical system includes actuator, three position DPDT switch, fuse and some wires, which is easier to assemble. In addition, electromechanical components are generally smaller and lighter than the corresponding hydraulic components. Generally, the battery of off-road equipment is sufficient, and the basic system can operate as long as the drive and execution system is equipped with switches, fuses and wires. In contrast, the hydraulic system also needs to include more components of pumps, valves, hose fixings, pressure regulators and control valves, and needs to develop and manufacture expertise in hoses and pipelines, as well as installation components to prevent leakage

the operation is more flexible. When the application requires more complex motion control than bidirectional manual operation, the electromechanical actuator is easier to realize this complex operation. For example, the actuators used in some systems need to stop after working for several cycles under variable stroke. Under the condition of using electromechanical actuator, it is easy to realize such movement and interface with electromechanical system by using programmable controller (PLC), and it is easy to realize more complex motion control than such movement by using PLC. Therefore, it can greatly improve the flexibility of off-road motor vehicle operation

safer execution in most systems, the hydraulic cylinder or actuator sometimes remains stationary. In case of hose breakage of the hydraulic cylinder, the load needs to be fixed by the safety check valve. Compared with the operator code * *, the electromechanical actuator will not lose the load even in the case of power loss or wire damage. In addition, the electromechanical actuator can reduce the driver's operation fatigue, which further improves the safety of the equipment

the cost is lower, and the electromechanical actuator avoids the hydraulic power supply and maintenance costs. Therefore, the off-road equipment installed with electromechanical actuator does not need after-sales maintenance costs, which can save the total cost of the system. In addition, since hydraulic oil is not required, the electromechanical actuator completely avoids the possible environmental pollution caused by the hydraulic transmission system

therefore, due to the small size, light weight, safety and environmental protection of electromechanical actuators, more and more off-road equipment that used to use hydraulic systems on a large scale in the past will be equipped with electromechanical actuators. These electromechanical actuators can enable off-road equipment to achieve excellent motion control performance that cannot be achieved by hydraulic system, reduce operator fatigue, improve efficiency, reduce costs, realize remote control, and avoid operators working under dangerous conditions

"China has become a global manufacturing center and is developing towards a design center. As an innovator and leader of industrial motion control, Danaher transmission has been committed to developing advanced 'one-stop' motion solutions and technologies to support mainframe equipment manufacturers to launch a new generation of products quickly and efficiently", Paul Hussey, vice president of Danaher transmission Asia, once commented on the relationship between Danaher transmission and the Chinese market. It is the great charm of the Chinese market that attracts many international enterprises and international talents to come to China. They came to China with advanced technology and excellent management; They left China, spreading China's belief and speed to the world. With advanced technology and excellent personnel, we believe that the journey of Danaher transmission in China will be smooth

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